Square Enix Might be Quitting Project Predule Rune

Project Predule Rune

It is sad enough when we hear of studios rushing out content, missing consumer expectations, or engaging in crunch but it doesn’t seem like any of that is going to help Studio Istolia’s Project Predule Rune. After some disappointing news, the studio appears to have gone dark.

For those of you not in the know Project Predule Rune is, or was, a much-touted RPG due to come out of Studio Istolia. The new development house was to be helmed by Hideo Baba, a creative force behind the Tales of Series, and seemed like a sure-fire hit. We do not have many details on the game that was supposed to come out of this partnership, but the game was supposed to be the first in a range of new IPs, utilizing some of the industry’s best talent. A teaser trailer that dropped last year even included a gorgeous glimpse of an idea awash with Baba’s vision.

Unfortunately, Baba, departed Studio Istolia and as of the last few days, it appears the studio has gone dark too. All of Studio Istolia’s social media accounts have gone radio silent. The studio’s facebook and twitter account have vanished and the official website for the developers now redirects to the Square Enix home page. Media requests do not appear to have had any response from Square Enix as yet and no official statement has come out thus far. If we hear anything else then it will be here. Until then it looks like I’ll be chalking up Project Predule Rune alongside Platinum’s Scalebound in my never to be wish list.

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