TERA console players hunt for false Santas


Nothing says Christmas like a bunch of nefarious Santas running about stealing gifts for all the good denizens of the Valkyon Federation. But that’s exactly what’s happening in TERA thanks to the arrival of the False Santas events currently underway.

During certain hours of the day, these sneaky Santas will come out of hiding just in time for players to hunt them down to reclaim the stolen gifts. Sneaky Santas can drop bags of goodies that can include useful items like Castanica Midnight Oil, Baronial Guild Supplies, Squash Pie, and other nifty things. In addition, there is a chance they can drop Locked Toy Boxes that can contain “all manner of awesome holiday fare” that includes Santa Suits, Santa Caps, and more.

Players can also check out the annual Wintera event. It is described by devs:

“For a change of pace from Santa hunting, enter the fray in our popular Wintera Snowfield battleground, where after a relaxing snowball fight you’ll receive Wintera Tokens to exchange for some festive seasonal rewards. The more fights you win, the better the rewards you’ll get! (Note: We identified an issue with the Wintera Snowfield battleground on the Europe servers, so we have temporarily suspended it. We are planning maintenance to resolve the issue soon and will re-open Wintera as soon as we can.)”

Check out the full details on the TERA official site.


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