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Thank Gaming it’s Friday! A roller-coaster of news to bring to you this week as the gaming grid prepares for cooler months and Halloween on my side of the globe. This is what caught my TGIF eye.


Hate Crime Shooting Streamed on Twitch

On Wednesday in the eastern German city of Halle an attack was made and livestreamed to 2200 viewers on Twitch outside a synagogue. We send our condolences to all loved ones of the two people tragically murdered.

Steam Bringing New Remote Co-op Play

Developers received emails yesterday that resulted in Valve employee Alden Knoll confirming that Steam is indeed bringing a new co-op function/shared-screen or split-screen games capability called “Remote Play Together.”

VR – Lucasfilms Immersive Entertainment Studio

Is launching Avengers Damage Control October 18th

VR – Assassin Creed in Paris

Late to the TGIF party but worth mentioning so you can enjoy Ubisoft’s “Journey to Notre-Dame de Paris” VR experience.


Introducing Gameboard 1 – a portable, lightweight and interactive game board console.



PS4 Remote Play On Android

Not all games will be compatible and you need Android 5.0 or later installed to use Playstation 4 Remote Play

・Display the PS4 screen on your mobile device.
・Use the on-screen controller on your mobile device to control your PS4.
・Join voice chats using the mic on your mobile device.
・Enter text on your PS4 using the keyboard on your mobile device.

Xbox Controller On Apple Store

No sign of a Sony specific controller yet but unsurprisingly a wireless Xbox controller can now be bought on the Apple store in what seems like a strategic move by Microsoft as it gets ready to launch its streaming service ProjectX Cloud

Xbox Is Out of Control!

Before purchasing the above maybe you might want to save for this beauty instead on Amazon? The Controller Gear Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Limited Edition Purge Trooper Xbox Wireless Controller & Xbox Pro Charging Stand..


Translation Tool Perfect for Gaming?

Always keen for translations and caption options not just for language barriers but also sound, has One Plus found the ultimate solution?


What’s Cooking In Your Gaming Kitchen?!

Gamespace Guest Author Spotlight this week as it’s ALWAYS tasty to discover cooking games and tips!

World Mental Health Day 2019

The International Games Summit on Mental Health held it’s first summit from October 9-10,2019 coinciding with #worldmentalhealthday

The International Games Summit on Mental Health runs from October 9-10,2019 at the Design Exchange in Toronto,CA, in partnership with Take This. In its inaugural year,the summit will identify the key mental health issues for Games,Gamers and Gaming-TIGS

Figures of Fandom

Weta Workshop has created some incredible Borderlands 3 products!

Humble Bundle

A collection of Electronic Arts games are being sold and are on sale on the Humble Bundle Store.



Politics On Twitch

Yesterday President Donald Trump made a debut on Amazon’s gaming streaming platform Twitch.

Has Ninja Impacted Mixer?

Interesting statistics and dialogue @VentureBeat highlighting what most already know – that Ninja is doing just fine!


So much going on in the gaming world including the Blizzard Boycott and continuing evolution in esports that’s out of this world!

So there you have it! TGIF, everybody! What catches your attention? Let us know in the comments and have a great weekend!

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