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Thank Gaming it’s Friday! Welcome to the first gaming news round-up as I begin to hardcore focus gaming culture and lifestyle for you, our Gamespace readers.This segment will evolve but for now Friday is when we will be celebrating the end of a traditional working week bringing in good gaming vibes for the weekend!.

Twitchcon is on in America, MCMComiccon in Scotland and if you haven’t watched this weeks premier of the American version of “The Masked Singer” yet, please be aware there are spoilers ahead – continue reading at your own discretion!



This week at the 74th session of the United Nations Assembly Video game firms make climate promises:

“The video games industry has the ability to engage, inspire and captivate the imaginations of billions of people across the world. This makes them a hugely important partner in addressing the climate emergency,” said Inger Andersen, Executive Director, UN Environment Programme (UNEP).


Gaming veterans are creating a dedicated gaming and esports network channel called VENN – Video game Entertainment & News Network. VENN would be an MTV of sorts for esports and gaming-based personalities. The co-CEOs of the network include Ben Kusin, formerly director of new media at Vivendi Games, and Ariel Horn, the esports producer at Riot Games and Blizzard Entertainment.

“We’re working on formats across game shows, reality tv, streaming, docuseries, news, and bringing it together with the best talent you see today. We believe the casters, the creators, the esports athletes, the streamers — we believe these are the celebrities of today.” Horn & Kusin.


Tilt Five: Holographic Tabletop Gaming – Augmented Reality glasses that open up a whole new holographic game space.

“When we started designing the Tilt Five system our focus wasn’t on the technology for technology’s sake.  We wanted to provide an amazing gaming experience that blends the things you love about video games and board games. And we wanted it to be just as fun when playing solo, together with your friends, or even when you’re apart.”  Jeri Ellsworth, Co-Founder & CEO.



Swiss tech-giant Logitech has acquired California based software company Streamlabs for $89 million. An additional payout of $29 million may also be made if Streamlabs meets certain established revenue growth targets

Logitech’s acquisition of Streamlabs adds software and tools for live streamers to our already rich gaming offering. Their products complement our existing portfolio and allow us to serve even more game streamers around the world with better experiences. –  Ujesh Desai, General Manager and Vice President of Business.

RAZER – Nari Ultimate Headset For Xbox One

The world’s first Xbox One headset with high-definition haptics.

This next-gen gaming headset allows you to experience sound not only as something you heard but something you feel.

XBOX – Project xCloud

Test streaming console-quality titles from the cloud—no waiting for downloads. During the preview, you don’t need to own games or a console. Games will be added over time for you to discover and play.

Register to participate in the Project xCloud Preview

PLAYSTATION – Deathstranding Ps4 Pro Limited Edition

Announced at this week’s Sony: State of Play the much anticipated game Death Stranding will also launch with a new Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro) bundle featuring a custom design.

The Limited Edition Death Stranding PS4 Pro Bundle will be available across select retailers on 8th November 2019 with a custom 1TB PS4 Pro system, as well as a custom DualShock 4 wireless controller and the Death Stranding game on Blu-ray Disc.

OCULUS – Virtual Reality Hand Tracking

Not only will the current community of VR enthusiasts and early adopters benefit from more natural forms of interaction, hand tracking on Quest will also reduce the barriers of entry to VR for people who may not be familiar or comfortable with gaming controllers. Even better, your hands are always with you and always on—you don’t have to grab a controller, keep it charged, or pair it with the headset to jump into VR. From entertainment use cases to education and enterprise, the possibilities are massive.

Hand tracking will launch on Quest in early 2020 as an experimental feature for consumers and an SDK for developers. (Thank you Dkonen for this news.)

TESLA – Cuphead now on Tesla Arcade

As part of  Tesla’s Software Version 10.0 update, a special edition of Cuphead is now available in Model S, X, and 3 vehicles.

Using a USB controller, single-player and co-op modes are available to play in the Tesla Edition of Cuphead, which includes the game’s full first level as you play as Cuphead or Mugman.


SPLAT – Hair Care

Splat hair color has teamed up with Borderlands to bring you limited edition colors based on characters in the game and with each purchase you get 2000 Points. Tyreen, Lilith, Maya, and Tiny Tina specific blondes, reds, blues and pinks can only be ordered directly through the Splat website. (Thank you Scott Jeslis for this news.)

COLORWARE – Custom Color Accessories

If you are looking for quality skins for your gaming console, iPhone, air pods or beats headphones you need to check out Colorware



The Sims 4 in all it’s inclusive glory is making waves in Africa by introducing incredibly talented mod creator Danielle “EbonixSims” and her African creations. This is not the first time creators as talented as EbonixSims have been so inspiring and hopefully it won’t be the last!


Who else loves the TV show The Masked Singer? It’s as inspiring, as it is frustrating which makes for great entertainment in our house where we enjoyed watching last years Season One winner turn out to be fellow gamer and internationally renowned American rapper Faheem “T-Pain”Rasheed Najm. This week during the premiere of season two gamers were spoiled again with a sweet serving of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. I called out his name as he performed and clues were thrown out but honestly I wasn’t sure because A) He sang amazing and I didn’t know if he could sing and B) I’ve only really seen Ninja sitting down so didn’t have any clue how tall or big he is! Regardless, Ninja was enjoyable to watch and listen to now who the heck is that Rottweiler?

All this in one little week and I didn’t even scratch the surface! I look forward to evolving gaming culture & lifestyle on Gamespace with ya’ll, have the best weekend!

*Please note lifestyle products shared in this article might only be available in America.

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