The Man Behind Twitch Streamers Getting Six Figure Salaries

Last week CNBC released an article, once again highlighting the salaries of Twitch streamers as they had done with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins in March.

CNBC went on to share how performances on Twitch are becoming increasingly popular for those who like to watch their favorite video games being played by others, so much so that six figure incomes are a reality and there is one man working behind the scenes to help them do so or even more.

Omeed Dariani from Online Performers Group is the founder and manager to Twitch streamers such as Bajheera, Yuuie and Kitboga.

Dariani told CNBC,

“They’re entertainers, they’re nice people, but they’re not business savvy. They need people in their corner.”

OPG manages streamers and takes a cut of their wages and was founded by Dariani in 2014 with his wife, the year Amazon purchased the site for close to $1 billion.

Dariana also shared

“You wouldn’t expect someone like Tom Cruise to walk into a meeting room and negotiate his contract — he’s got people for that. Streamers are getting to the point that they need that, so they can focus on their performance.”

OPG has signed some of Twitch’s biggest deals, and in the fourth quarter, it handled one-fourth of all sponsored deals on the platform, according to Dariani.

CNBC have caught up with how Twitch has become the platform for brands to be included in daily broadcasts that are viewed by up to 15 million users. Twitch claims to reach half of the millennial males in the US.

“The market for this is going up like nothing I’ve ever seen. One client, in particular, Anthony Kongphan, has 20 times as much booked revenue as he did last year, and this is just April,” Dariani said.

If you have been watching Twitch regularly for the last five years you would have noticed how consumers are increasingly tuning into Twitch making broadcasters opinions very valuable.

Dariani closed his interview by saying,

“It used to be that game companies held all the power and all the authority of what people were going to buy. Game companies now have to listen their fans because their fans have become famous for their opinions.”

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