Total War: Three Kingdoms Trailer Kicks Off The Invasion

Total War: Three Kingdoms

The battle for China kicks off next week and Creative Assembly has dropped a brand new trailer to show off Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Hot out of more fantastical realms, the Total War Franchise is about to provoke a whole new wave of chaos and it is all a little closer than the world of Warhammer.  Set in ancient China, around 190 AD, Total War: Three Kingdoms puts players right in the middle of an epic altercation. As the nation crumbles around them, factions rise and warlords ascend. Players are put in charge of these factions in an effort to oust their rivals and unify the country. Continuing with precedent, this game is another turn-based strategy title from the Creative Assembly studio and it brings a few new twists to the table.

Taking inspiration from the novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, this title gives players three generals at any given moment. Each general represents a particular faction, meaning their own unique abilities, troops, and deployment tactics are specific to a particular faction. Offering a variety of siege matches and one versus one combat, this description might sound something like Conqueror’s Blade. You can check out the difference in the Total War: Three Kingdoms launch trailer below.

In addition to the epic narrative mode and overpowered generals, a Records of the Three Kingdoms mode is included. This strips out the more outlandish abilities and generally ratchets up the difficulty for experienced players. If you’re in any doubt this is going to be a huge title for Total War, then go back and rewatch the trailer for the most pre-ordered Total War ever. Total War: Three Kingdoms is out23 May on PC. You can find it on Steam and find out more about each faction on the official Total War: Three Kingdoms website.

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