Space War Arena Announced For Nintendo Switch

(Press Release) Space War Arena Announced For Nintendo Switch

(San Francisco, CA) – February 4, 2019 — Independent developer Playchemy today announced Space War Arena, a brand-new strategy action game that blen...


[PRESS RELEASE] Total War: Three Kingdoms Get a New Release Date

Creative Assembly’s highly anticipated strategy title Total War: THREE KINGDOMS marks a significant step forward for Total War, creating a new level of de...

Pre-Order LEFT ALIVE For a Chance To Win an Illustration by Yoji Shinkawa

Pre-Order LEFT ALIVE For a Chance To Win an Illustration by Yoji Shinkawa

Square Enix has announced that fans who pre-order Left Alive from North American Square Enix Store on or before March 4th have a chance to win a hand-drawn artw...

Doom Patrol (TV) Pilot Review – Dysfunctional Euphoria

This Friday, on February 15, the paid DC Universe subscription service launches its second live-action series, third feature series overall, with the quirky, dy...

HotS - Plans for Future: Resistance Skins, Spring Event, New Hero & More!

HotS – Plans for Future: Resistance Skins, Spring Event, New Hero & More!

Kaéo Milker, Heroes of the Storm Production Director, has taken to the official forums to share the dev team’s plans for future of the game, including the...

Division 2 PC Beta Impressions

I was very lukewarm to The Division. I remember playing it and had some fun, but in the end, it simply couldn’t keep my interest. Despite all the updates it rec...

Apex Legends Brings About Titanfall 2 Resurgence

Apex Legends Brings About Titanfall 2 Resurgence

Many fans of Titanfall 2 were worried that the release of free-to-play Battle Royale Apex Legends, set in the same universe, might deal a blow to the already dw...

Spellbreak Blinks Onto Epic Games Store

Spellbreak Blinks Onto Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store scores another exclusive. Magic-based Battle Royale Spellbreak by Proletariat Studio is switching to Epic’s digital distribution platform...

Most Trusted Online Casinos in Canada

The Importance of Honest Casinos With the e-gambling growing steadily with the passing years, the need to identify trustworthy online casinos has become pressin...

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holobunnies:pause cafe review

Holobunnies: Pause Cafe Review – IRL Yelling and Excitement May Occur

Holobunnies: Pause Cafe is a retro arcade game that serves up a small bundle of minigames made to be played with friends. Holobunnies thrives at being one of th...

Battlefield 1 - they shall not pass

Battlefield 1 – They Shall Not Pass is a Glorious First DLC

They Shall Not Pass has a lot to prove. As the first of four planned expansions for Battlefield 1, this DLC carries the weight of its Season Pass on its shoulde...

Vikings Wolves of Midgard

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard Review

When I first heard about Games Farm’s Vikings: Wolves of Midgard and that it was an action RPG, I think my inner Norsewoman’s heart skipped more than a few beat...

6.5 Fair
Has Been Heroes review

Has Been Heroes Review

Has Been Heroes is the latest game from Trine developer Frozenbyte. A departure from the series the studio is known for, HBH is a (deep breath) real-time tactic...

8 Great
fast rmx review

Fast RMX Review

Fast RMX is probably the best game on the new Nintendo Switch that you’re not playing.  Everyone is head over heels with Zelda (and rightfully so), but th...

8 Great
toukiden 2 review

Toukiden 2 Review

There’s no denying it – Toukiden as a series is Omega Force’s interpretation of the Monster Hunter series from Capcom. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But ...

7.5 Good
88 Heroes Review

88 Heroes Review

8/8/1988, 0808hrs, Dr H8 makes contact with the governments of the world with a single demand. $88 Octillion Dollars in 88 minutes, or he will annihilate the wo...

7.5 Good
Mass Effect Andromeda review - softcore space porn

Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

Mass Effect Andromeda is a game about hope and new beginnings in many more ways than one. It is a fresh start for BioWare by taking the series to Andromeda with...

8.5 Great
breath of the wild review

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

Once upon a time, I spent an entire Christmas break playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time non-stop. I took it to my friend’s house. We took turns trying ...

9.8 Amazing
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Street Fighter V – Zeku Reveal Trailer

Zeku: Infiltration Almost Complete Street Fighter V welcomes Zeku, the Ever-Changing Ninja, who will join the roster of fighters on October 24. First seen in St...

Skyrim Together

Skyrim Together – Test Round With The Devs

If you love the world of Tamriel and want to share it with your friends, but The Elder Scrolls Online is not necessarily your cup of tea, then Skyrim Together m...

Dungeons 3 Thalya

Dungeons 3 Tackles The Goody Two-Shoes

Kalypso Media has released its latest installment in the series of The Incredibly Evil Overlord & His Dungeon simulators, this time also featuring a new lie...


Cities: Skylines – Snowfall Expansion Announced For Consoles

Paradox Interactive announced the release of a snowy expansion Snowfall for the console versions of the city-building simulator Cities: Skylines.  It will be av...


Brawlhalla Cinematic Launch Trailer

Blue Mammoth Games has revealed the release date for the 2D Platform Fighter Brawlhalla. The owners of PC and PS4 will be able to get their hands on the game on...

Need For Speed Payback

Need for Speed Payback: Official Story Trailer

Electronic Arts presented an official story trailer for the upcoming racing simulator Need For Speed Payback. The game offers a single-player campaign following...


Hearthstone Game Mechanics Update

Hearthstone community site has been updated with a new blog post and a video from Hearthstone Gameplay Engineer Josh Durica. He gives a brief overview of the th...

Tiny Barbarian DX

Tiny Barbarian DX Slashes Its Way To Nintendo Switch

Nicalis Inc. has proudly announced the release of retro-inspired 2D Hack-and-Slash platformer Tiny Barbarian DX for Nintendo Switch. The game is available for $...


Life is Strange: Before the Storm Chapter 2 Release Date Announced

Square Enix has announced the release date for Life is Strange: Before the Storm Chapter 2. You’ll be happy to hear that you’ll get your hands on it...

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