Escape from Tarkov - Devs Are Preparing a Major Update

Escape from Tarkov – Beginner Builds for Early Levels

Escape from Tarkov can be a daunting, challenging game, and it only gets worse if you aren’t sure what you should be using to gear up. We will explore a few dif...

final fantasy XIV fan festival 2020-2021

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2020-2021 Is Coming

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2020-2021 is coming and you can experience it in three of the world’s biggest cities from November 2020. Square Enix ha...

Children of Morta

Children of Morta grows with a free content update

11 bit studios and Dead Mage have announced that a brand new content expansion has been added to Children of Morta. Called Shrine of Challenge, the free update ...

Knights and Bikes Nintendo Switch Review

Anyone that has had to suffer the tragedy of losing a loved one knows the pain it causes and how hard it can be to accept it and move on. Knights and Bikes is a...

Murder by Numbers

Grab your cargo shorts! Murder by Numbers is coming in March

If you’ve got serious nostalgia for the 90s, have we got great news for you today! The Irregular Corporation has announced that its next game, Murder by N...


Top 3 ways blockchain is being used to enrich your gaming experience

Unless you have been living under a rock, blockchain is the tech trend you have been likely hearing about from everywhere, all the time. However, if your comfor...

Rune II

Rune II devs announce a robust roadmap of content

Earlier this year, Ragnarok Game LLC successfully recovered the source code for Rune II after the original developers dissolved their studio and reformed under ...

7th Sector review

7th Sector Review for Nintendo Switch

Do you enjoy challenging puzzles that test your very capabilities to use problem-solving and critical thinking? Sure, as a child drools over chocolate at a cand...

The Outer Worlds Review 2

The Outer Worlds Switch Delay Due To Coronavirus

The Outer Worlds Switch port might be a tad delayed and it’s all thanks to the coronavirus outbreak sweeping through China. Chinese developer Virtuos has been h...

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FIFA 18 Review

FIFA returns for another year with some amazing soccer action. The twists for EA are always how they can improve the game and add in new features to engage play...

8.5 Great

Golf Story Review

Well, holy crap. Here’s one I didn’t expect. Not only is Golf Story one of the best RPGs on the Switch so far, it’s also probably one of its b...

8.5 Great

Empyre: Lords of the Sea Gates Review

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to take a pre-release look at the then-upcoming Empyre: Lords of the Sea Gates, a steampunk-themed Indie title develop...

8 Great
SteamWorld Dig 2

SteamWorld Dig 2 Review

SteamWorld Dig 2.  Everything you need to know is right there in the title, and it’s catchy, to boot!  You control a Steam-powered robot, exploring the World by...

9 Amazing

ECHO Review

ECHO, a game from upstart studio Ultra Ultra (many of the minds behind the Hitman series), is something of an experiment in building a game around an AI that le...

7.5 Good
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 review

Dragonball Xenoverse 2 Review

Almost a year after its original release, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for Nintendo Switch has released for, as the game’s name reminds you, the Nintendo Switch.  Th...

7.5 Good
Let Them Come review

Let Them Come Review

What do you get when you put the Doom marine, a dash of molotov cocktail, the entire catalog of ‘90s Techno-inspired video game soundtracks, ravenous alien hord...

7 Good
Divinity Original Sin 2 Review

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Review

On the 14th of September came a day many fans of classic-inspired CRPGs have been looking for. After the Kickstarter campaign that successfully raised over $2M ...

9.6 Amazing
Pokemon Gold & Silver review

Pokemon Gold & Silver Review

Originally released in North America in 2000, Pokémon Gold and Silver brought players to a new region, expanding the world of Pokémon. With 100 new species adde...

7 Good
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Final Fantasy XV DLC Cancelled Hajime Tabata

Final Fantasy XV DLC Cancelled, Hajime Tabata Leaves Square Enix

Square Enix held a special live stream for Final Fantasy XV during which the company had announced that 3 story DLC – Episode Aranea, Episode Lunafreya, a...

Dragon Quest XI - Echoes of Elusive Age 4 Million Copies Sold

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Ships Over 4 Million Copies

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age has been released in the West this September to the adoration of fans (the game has very positive reviews on Steam bot...

Omen of Sorrow PS4 Launch Trailer

Omen of Sorrow – PS4 Launch Trailer

Are you ready to challenge the Headless Horseman and his ghostly cavalry?  Omen of Sorrow is a fighting where legends and monsters struggle for power. The game ...

World of Final Fantasy Maxima

World of Final Fantasy Maxima is Now Out on Switch, XB1, PS4 & PC

Square Enix welcomes the adventurers into the magical world of Grymoire with the enhanced version of World of Final Fantasy Maxima. The game is now available on...

Hearthstone 100 Million Players

Hearthstone – Celebrating 100 Million Players

The Hearthstone Youtube channel has been updated with a new video sharing the exciting news of the game passing a huge milestone of 100 Million players! The dev...

Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime – Now Out on iOS & Android

Niantic, the creators of Pokemon Go, released a new – or, rather, a revised old – free AR game Ingress Prime. It is already available for iOS and An...

Path of Exile PS4

Path of Exile: PlayStation 4 Release Trailer

While the Diablo fans critique Blizzard for the latest announcement, its biggest competitor continues to expand! Grinding Gear Games shared the PlayStation 4 re...

Forgotton Anne Nintendo Switch

Forgotton Anne Launches on Nintendo Switch on November 9

Square Enix is pleased to announce that 2D Cinematic Adventure Forgotton Anne will be making its debut on the Nintendo Switch hybrid console on November 9. Forg...

Spellbreak gameplay

New Spellbreak Gameplay Video – Nothing But Frost Spells

In October, Proletariat Studio had revealed a teaser of their upcoming epic magic-themed Battle Royale. Now the developers have shared new Spellbreak gameplay v...

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