The Outer Worlds - Come to Halcyon Trailer

The Outer Worlds – Come to Halcyon Trailer

Private Division and Obsidian Entertainment have released a new trailer for the upcoming sci-fi RPG The Other Worlds, welcoming players to the Halcyon colony an...

Apex Legends - Wraith Voidwalker Trailer & Event

Apex Legends – Wraith Voidwalker Trailer & Event

The Apex Legends team has released the second of the Stories from the Outlands short films titled Voidwalker. The video is dedicated to Wraith and her past: she...

Nintendo Switch Lite Gets A New Welcome Trailer

Nintendo Switch Lite Gets A New Welcome Trailer

Nintendo has released a new trailer to welcome Switch Lite – a compact, lightweight addition to the Nintendo Switch family, with integrated controls ̵...

Old School Runescape

Recent Updates for Old School RuneScape Ended the 17-years Story

Reading the comments of modern players, addicted to a photorealistic picture, it is difficult to understand how Old School RuneScape could have appeared. Howeve...

bookbound brigade

Bookbound Brigade is Literary Charming

Bookbound Brigade made a literature milestone at Gamescom 2019. Well, it hijacked it, took it for a ride, and we got a quick glimpse at the chaos that is coming...

Equality in Gaming

Equality in Gaming Pt.5

There’s a post that circulates around Facebook every once and a while. It goes something like this: Some days it seems like there should be an equivalent ...

mad catz cat controllers

Mad Catz CAT Controller Line Takes the Battle to Consoles

When we took a look at the latest Mad Catz offering at Gamescom 2019 we fully prepared to see some brand new keyboards. As it turns out we got a line of new con...

homeworld 3 and mobile

Homeworld 3 and Homeworld Mobile Announced

Homeworld fans can get ready for a world of new content. The Gearbox panel at Pax West announced two Homeworld titles are coming on PC and mobile. Pax Announcem...

Check out 15 minutes of Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay

Earlier today, CD Projekt Red took to the airwaves to provide hungry fans with some brand new footage from Cyberpunk 2077. While the company was not on hand for...

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mr. shifty

Mr. Shifty Review

Fast paced action puncher Mr. Shifty is due out later today (April 13th) from developer Team Shifty and published by TinyBuild games. You take on the persona of...

7 Good
this is the police review

This is the Police Review

This game isn’t a ‘feel good’ episode of COPS. It’s not an action packed walk in the shoes of a hardboiled Max Payne, nor is it the humo...

7.5 Good
Beat Cop

Beat Cop Review

Brooklyn, New York. The 1986. Cocaine fell like snow, outfits were offensively vibrant, and the city’s underbelly would inspire drama, action, and romanti...

8.5 Great
yooka-laylee review

Yooka-Laylee Review

Yooka-Laylee is a game built almost entirely on nostalgia. The idea is to bring back the things you loved about Rare’s Banjo-Kazooie and put them in a shiny new...

8 Great
Snake Pass review

Snake Pass Review

Snake Pass is unlike anything you’ve played before. At its heart, it’s a traditional platformer. Collect gems, beat levels, move on to next world. B...

7.5 Good
crow's eye review

The Crow’s Eye Review

I’m just going to put this out in the open. The Crow’s Eye has had teasers over the last few years that really seemed to be building towards what I ...

7 Good
holobunnies:pause cafe review

Holobunnies: Pause Cafe Review – IRL Yelling and Excitement May Occur

Holobunnies: Pause Cafe is a retro arcade game that serves up a small bundle of minigames made to be played with friends. Holobunnies thrives at being one of th...

Battlefield 1 - they shall not pass

Battlefield 1 – They Shall Not Pass is a Glorious First DLC

They Shall Not Pass has a lot to prove. As the first of four planned expansions for Battlefield 1, this DLC carries the weight of its Season Pass on its shoulde...

Vikings Wolves of Midgard

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard Review

When I first heard about Games Farm’s Vikings: Wolves of Midgard and that it was an action RPG, I think my inner Norsewoman’s heart skipped more than a few beat...

6.5 Fair
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Shadow of the Colossus - Remaking a Masterpiece PS4

Remaking a Masterpiece: Shadow of the Colossus

PlayStation channel has been updated with a new video titled “Remaking a Masterpiece”. In it, the Shadow of the Colossus development team shares the...


Architects of the Obscure Reveals Vampyr’s Atmospheric Music

The second in a series of videos to showcase the development of Vampyr has been published. DONTNOD is showing fans and potential players how the forthcoming RPG...

dead cells switch

Dead Cells Coming to Switch, PS4, and Xbox One later in 2018

Dead Cells, the excellent Metroidvania RPG we talked about last year, is coming to Switch, Xbox, and PS4 later this year.  This also likely signals that the off...


Rune Ragnarok Pre-Alpha Trailer Shows Off a Chilly Viking-Themed World

Fans of Norse mythology are already lining up for Rune Ragnarok, a forthcoming open world RPG. To keep things frosty, Human Head Studios has released a pre-alph...

God of War review releae date Kratos The Revenant

God of War release date trailer (smoke ’em if you got ’em?)

Bad joke. We’re twelve years old, sometimes here. Anyway, God of War, the next big opus from Santa Monica Studio for PS4 is finally launching on April 20t...


Hidden Ones Revealed in New Assassin’s Creed: Origins Trailer

Today is launch day for the first DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Called The Hidden Ones, the DLC expands the story of how the Assassin Brotherhood was...

Hyrule Warriors Link's Horse

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition – Epona Charges To Switch

Hyrule Warriors was initially released in 2014 for Wii U and featured many beloved characters from the universes of The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors ser...

Symmetry Release Date

Symmetry – Release Date Announced

Symmetry is a survival time management that takes place in a retro-futuristic, sci-fi universe. Your main goal is to manage the crash survivors and help them wi...

The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2

The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 – Release Date Announced

NIS America has shared a brand new gameplay trailer for the upcoming action RPG The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2. The video demonstrates Mystical Dodge, Deple...

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