Warhammer 40K

Warhammer 40K Dawn of War 3 Headed to Open Beta in April

Relic just announced that Warhammer 40K Dawn of War 3 will have an open beta event. Players can take part in multi-player action from April 21-24. What’s ...

quake champions unveils slash

Quake Champions unveils Slash, the Roller Queen

With the closed beta for Quake Champions starting tomorrow, Bethesda is pulling the curtain back on yet another new character for the hero shooter. Meet Slash, ...

Marvel Heroes Omega ps4

Marvel Heroes making its way to PS4 as Marvel Heroes Omega

We all knew it was coming, we just didn’t know when! Well, now we know that this year Gazillion’s Marvel Heroes is making its way to the PlayStation...

Cars 3

Cars 3 Driven to Win Features Old Friends & New Adventures

Cars 3 Driven to Win will be racing onto multiple platforms this June! The movie tie-in game is to feature well-known characters from the series as well as taki...

enter the gungeon

The supremely awesome Enter the Gungeon is now on Xbox One

Release last year on Steam, Enter the Gungeon is a bullet hell roguelike with intensely satisfying difficult action. One of the best Indies of 2016, everyone sh...

ndie Cyberpunk RPG Dex gets a new demo with rewards on the PS4, XB1, and PC all at once.

Indie Cyberpunk RPG Dex gets a new demo with rewards

Today, Dreadlocks and BadLand Games release some news about their upcoming title – Indie Cyberpunk RPG Dex gets a new demo with rewards on the PS4, XB1, a...

We Happy Few Film

Gold Circle Films & DJ2 Are Adapting We Happy Few As Feature Film

The events of We Happy Few take place in a small English tower in 1960’s. Where fake, drug-induced happiness masks violence as well as vices of society. A...

Mages of Mystralia Kickstarter

Mages of Mystralia Reaches 500% Funds On Kickstarter

On March 21st Mages of Mystralia received more than 200% of its initially listed Kickstarter funding in 16 hours. Now the game sits over 500% and still has 10 d...

Castle Battles

Castle Battles Trailer Shows You How to Prepare for Upcoming War

Castle Battles wants to teach YOU to prepare for war. To do so, Light Arc Studio has sent out a new trailer about all-out war in its strategy RPG. It comes just...

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