Fighting Fantasy

Fighting Fantasy Legends Teased in Oh So Brief Video

Fighting Fantasy fans will be thrilled to hear that their favorite “role playing game books” are coming to life in “Legends” from Nomad ...

Persona 5 take your heart edition - persona 5 review round up

Persona 5’s Epic Take Your Heart edition unboxed

For $90, that’s a lot of swag… the Persona 5 Take Your Heart Edition is pretty much top of the pops if you’re a Persona fanboy or girl. Take a...

Destiny art - That's right Destiny's Age of Triumph Launch Trailer is here. Hot on the heels of our Destiny 2 leak news, too.

Destiny’s Age of Triumph Launch Trailer is here

Get those guns ready… it’s time to go back to Destiny, and take on the hardest content the game’s seen, earn new rewards, and finish out the s...

Northgard - Clan of the Raven

Clan of the Raven Makes it to Northgard

Shiro Games has sent out a word that a new clan makes it to Northgard today. It consists of explorers and merchants. They’re strong trade partners, but be...

Prey Video

Prey Video Diary Suggests “Only YU Can Survive”

The new Prey video shows one spooky game world. The  dev team takes time to speak about Morgan Yu, the story’s main character. The important take away fro...

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 II

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 introduces Maribel and Ruff

In an ongoing series of trailers, Square-Enix is showing off two more playable characters from Dragon Quest Heroes 2 today. Due out on April 25th for XB1, PS4, ...

wonder girl wonder boy

Wonder Boy? How about Wonder Girl?

Due out April 18th, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is a reimagined, fully faithful recreation of the SEGA Master System platformer. There’s even a bu...

Kingdom Hearts HD Remix

Kingdom Hearts HD Remix Features Six Big Games

Kingdom Hearts HD Remix is a dream come true for fans of six classic games from the past. Players fight the Heartless who seek to take over our favorite Disney ...


Othello releases on the Nintendo Switch eShop today

Most modern gamers probably only think of Othello as the Lawrence Fishbourne Shakespeare movie… but believe it or not it’s one of the world’s ...

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