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Rod Fergusson tapped to oversee Blizzard’s Diablo franchise

Rod Fergusson is a familiar name to Gears of War fans since he has been the studio head of The Coalition for over 15 years. It appears, however, that Fergusson is ready for a change. Blizzard Entertai...

Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is now part of Blizzard’s “classic games” queue

It appears that 2012’s Diablo 3 is now considered a “classic” game at Blizzard Entertainment. The news comes from a listing on the company’s official site that seeks a Senior S...

Blizzard Diablo Projects Mobile Diablo Immortal

Blizzard Has More Diablo Projects in Works & Will Release More Mobile Games

The announcement of mobile Diablo Immortal during BlizzCon 2018 did not go smoothly. Frustrated fans who expected something more about Blizzard’s promises went on to share their negative emotion...

BlizzConline 2021

Our BlizzConline 2021 Predictions

This year’s BlizzCon, or “BlizzConline” as they’re calling it, will be a new experience for participants and developers alike. For the first time in well over a decade, the BlizzCon experience will be...

Halo Infinite

Most Anticipated Games Of 2021: Take Two

Last week we took a look at some of the most anticipated games of 2021. Just to show 2021 had plenty of curveballs to throw at us, minutes after I submitted the list to my editor one of the games was ...

BlizzConline - Coming February 19-20, 2021

BlizzConline Will Be Free to Watch

Due to the way the industry had been affected by COVID-19, Blizzard Entertainment had cancelled the annual BlizzCon 2020 in late May. In September, the company announced BlizzConline, a virtual event ...

BlizzConline - Coming February 19-20, 2021

BlizzConline – Coming February 19-20, 2021

Activision Blizzard has announced BlizzConline, a virtual event taking place of the cancelled BlizzCon 2020, set to take place February 19-20, 2021. While circumstances are keeping us from gathering i...


Blizzard Is Planning Virtual BlizzCon in 2021

In late May, Blizzard canceled annual BlizzCon 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then the company has been quiet on a possible online event – until Blizzard’s J. Allen Brack partici...

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