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Blade & Soul

Dual Blade Class Coming to Blade & Soul in September

NCSoft has announced that a brand new class will be coming to its combat-oriented MMO, Blade & Soul, on September 8th. The update will also include a massive graphics overhaul thanks to the transi...

lineage 2 aden

Go Solo When Lineage 2 Aden Launches In August

It’s time to go solo when NCsoft launches Lineage 2 Aden, a new twist on the traditional lineage experience, during August 2021. If you have toyed with the idea of jumping back into the legendary MMOR...

What We Know About Space Punks

Everything We know About Space Punks

Flying Wild Hog, just unveiled Space Punks, and we got a closer look at this upcoming adventure. We braved the wild frontier grilling devs and scouring the internet for the low down on this upcoming o...

aion classic

Conquer The Abyss Again As Aion Classic Takes Off

NCSoft has launched Aion Classic, a return old old school Atreia for old hands ready to conquer this MMORPG once more. Available now, on NA servers, Aion Classic is the return of Elyoss and Asmodian t...

aion classic

Return To Atreia With Aion Classic In June

NCSoft is about to relaunch its seminal RvR MMORPG. Aion Classic is coming! Following hot on the heels of games like Runescape and WoW, Aion is set to get Aion Classic servers. Just announced by Korea...

fuser lights up the diamond stage

Fuser Lights Up The Diamond Stage

Fuser, the audio extravaganza from Harmonix and NCSoft, just launched a dazzling new update and unveiled the Diamond Stage. Fans of Fuser might love playing the Decks and impressing their fans with ac...

Blade & Soul Revolution Review

Blade & Soul Revolution Review

A Fully Fledged Mobile MMORPG Blade & Soul Revolution is out now on iOS and Android devices, bringing NCSoft’s own high flying martial arts MMORPG onto the small screen. After launching earlier in...

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blade & soul revolution show us your character giveaway

Show Us Your Blade & Soul Revolution Character Creation – Code Giveaway

Blade & Soul Revolution has just launched onto iOS and Android phones globally, and we’re busy slicing our way through our enemies. While train hard in the Hongmoon skills once more, We’ve got a f...

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