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Two Point Studios’ Founders Reveal First Look at Two Point Hospital Gameplay

Co-founders of Two Point Studios are curious if you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a Two Point Hospital would look like? Mark Webley and Ben Hymers unveil exclusive game play in this eight ...


Two Point Hospital – First Gameplay Moments Spotted in New “Vision” Trailer

Two Point Studios has pushed out a new “vision trailer” for Two Point Hospital, its forthcoming game. Included in the discussion about the inspirations for the game, a few choice nuggets o...

Two Point Hospital Builds on the Glory of Theme Hospital

SEGA Europe and Two Point Studios have announced that Two Point Hospital is on the way to Steam in late 2018. The new game comes from the creators of Theme Hospital, it sets out to return to “on...

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint PvP mode & beta details

During Gamescom 2019, Ubisoft announced some new details about Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the next game in the Ghost Recon series. Those hoping to get in on early testing through the first PvP Ghost War ...

Beyond: Two Souls Review

It seems like an unprecedented move to bring a game to the PC platform six years after originally being released on the Playstation 3 and then two years later on the Playstation 4. But, developer Quan...

8.5 Great
Another Sight

Another Sight Weaves A Tail or Two In Our Review

The adventures of Hodge the cat and Kit wandered onto PlayStation 4 last week with Nintendo Switch versions following before the end of the month. Join me as I journey into Another Sight and try to ma...

7 Good

Point and Click Adventure Silence, is Golden

Launched on PC back in 2016, Silence follows in the footsteps of so many indie games and steps through the looking glass and onto the Nintendo Switch. Out now on Nintendo’s mobile powerhouse, Silence ...

8 Great
battletech flashpoint

Battletech – Flashpoint Expansion is out now!

Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes have released the first major expansion Flashpoint for the turn-based strategy Battletech. To celebrate the occasion, the devs have presented the players wi...

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