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Rival Megagun

Rival Megagun Shoots Onto PS4 And PC

If you always thought that shoot ’em ups were a lonely affair, then you’re in luck. Indie developer Spacewave Software and Publisher Degica Games have released Rival Megagun, a vertical 2D...

World End Syndrome

World End Syndrome Coming West

Things are about to get strange for fans of visual novels, in spring 2019. Arc System Works recently confirmed that it is due to bring mystery, love, and a litany of strange incidents to the west with...

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Comes West

After launching their very first western foray earlier this year, Intragames is introducing a rather different experience to western gamers. Today, Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly launches on Stea...

The Ballad Singer Enters Early Access

If you’ve been reading Gamespace since we launched, you’ll notice that I play an absolute plethora of visual novels yet few allow me much control over my adventures. Now, The Ballad Singer aims to bri...

Camp W is a Magical Adventure

Camp W is the latest in a recent rush of visual novels to arrive on Steam. While we’ve seen everything from pigeon dating sims, the obligatory anime otome adventures, to some downright depressing narr...

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Red Strings Club review

The Red Strings Club Review – Androids, Drink, and Digital Conspiracies

Dark dystopian futures and a long island ice tea are not exactly natural accompaniments. Devolver Digital’s latest title sets out to mix a little light intoxication, some mysticism, and a deeply distu...

Tokyo Dark Review

Our Tokyo Dark Review –

Japan is a land steeped in legends. Folklore filled with supernatural entities are abundant in this deeply spiritual society. Yet, ancient tales of Oni, Yurei, and Yokai are not where this cultural ph...

Xbox Game Pass

10 Xbox Game Pass For PC Games Every Subscriber Needs To Play

With over 100 games on the fledgling service and more being added every day, it is hard to deny the Xbox Game Pass for PC is a great deal for anyone who likes games. Picking a top 10 list would be an ...

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