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Hit Up Our BoxVR Review

BoxVR touches the mat on Steam VR, Oculus, and PSVR recently and while it’s taken a few rounds to get here, we’re finally getting our judges scores for our BoxVR review. Developed by Fit XR, BoxVR is ...

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Ubisoft Returns to Prince of Persia with VR Game The Dagger of Time

Ubisoft Returns to Prince of Persia with VR Game The Dagger of Time

Ubisoft revealed Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time, a virtual reality escape game for 2-4 people that will take you back to the setting of the trilogy (Sands of Time, Warrior Within, The Two Throne...

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Throw Anything On PSVR Next Week

Throw Anything, the zombie-filled high rise experience is coming to the Sony PSVR on 6 February. A Throw Anything PSVR port is about to fall into place and this fun-filled zombie VR title from Korean ...

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Superhot VR Has A $2 Million Stocking Stuffer

Superhot VR looks like it has a bumper season during the holidays. Despite hitting the flat screen back in 2016, this shooter grossed a whopping $2 million in just 7 days. Confirmed over on twitter, t...

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Nostos VR MMOR Review

Earlier this month Netease launched Nostos, an ambitious new platform MMORPG designed to bridge the gap between the flat screen and VR so we plunged in and checked out the result. Nostos is not the fi...

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Surfwheel SU Electric Skateboard: Skateboard Today, VR Tomorrow

Here at Gamespace, we’re a haven for the geeky. That means that when something cool comes along, gaming or otherwise, that might make our techie hearts twitterpate, we want to share that with you. In ...

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Apple VR Headset Rumored To Be Coming

Reports have surfaced that mobile giant Apple is due to take on the likes of the PlayStation VR with their very own VR Headset. You might soon be able to step into the Cupertino and make Apple your wh...

Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond

Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond is a new game for VR

Respawn Entertainment is bringing its most famous IP to virtual reality. During yesterday’s Oculus Connect event, the company announced Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond, a brand new MoH experi...

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