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Farming Simulator 18 for Switch

Farming Simulator Review

Farming Simulator Switch Edition has led me to wonder what the hell Kevin Costner was thinking when he ditched his farm for a baseball field in Field of Dreams. Seriously, if farming is this rewarding...

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Dungeons 3 review

Dungeons 3 Review

Sometimes even the most paragon-like of gamers get the urge to get away from the usual good-making and justice-bringing and delve into the realm of Evil. That itch can also be so strong that even play...

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Etrian Odyssey V Review

Our Etrian Odyssey V Review – The End of Your Free Time

Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth is an incredibly interesting and challenging RPG both fans of hardcore games and a more casual player will both enjoy. There’s a lot of variability and room for custo...


Moonlighter is coming to Switch!

Keep the Indies coming, Nintendo. During the day, he’s a shopkeeper. At night, he’s a badass adventurer. That’s my life too, and 11Bit Studios is bringing the successfully Kickstarte...


ELEX Review – Clunky But Surprisingly Addictive

I’m going to admit that I’m not usually the type of person to be patient when it comes to new games. If I can’t essentially “pick up and play” it with little tutorial int...


Cities: Skylines – Snowfall Expansion Announced For Consoles

Paradox Interactive announced the release of a snowy expansion Snowfall for the console versions of the city-building simulator Cities: Skylines.  It will be available on November 14, 2017, for the ow...


Rogue Trooper Redux is successfully resurrecting a cult hit shooter…

Rogue Trooper Redux is a story driven third person shooter coming to Steam October 17th. Set in the comic book universe of the same name found in the British publication 2000AD, Rogue Trooper was orig...

Battle Chasers BG

Battle Chasers Review

This year has been a good year for RPG’s. Great titles have been releasing left and right. We’ve had Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mass Effect 3, the recently released Divinity: Original Sin 2 and great indies ...

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