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Hunt Showdown Gets a New Game Mode - Quickplay

Hunt: Showdown Gets a New Game Mode – Quickplay

Crytek has released a big update for their Early Access online multiplayer game Hunt: Showdown. One of the big features of Update 4.0 is the new game mode, Quickplay. Designed to offer players the opt...

Hunt: Showdown – Latest trailer reveals new monster and weapons

Stock up and head out because Hunt: Showdown as dropped a new trailer full of all sorts of goodies for the Western-themed PVP/PVE monster hunting shooter. Crytek released this new teaser trailer June ...

PC Gaming

All You Need to Know from the PC Gaming Show – E32018

Welcome to this year’s PC Gaming Show Conference coverage for We will go over the lengthy list of about 30 games that were shown with details for most, web links to these games, and rel...


Hunt: Showdown Early Access Launch – Death On The Bayou

Hunt: Showdown, the competitive multiplayer bounty hunting game from Crytek, has exited the closed alpha phase and is now available to gamers via Steam Early Access. “With Hunt, we wanted to make the ...

Hunt Showdown Early Access

Hunt: Showdown – Early Access Release Notes & Trailer

The developers of Hunt: Showdown have passed a major milestone with their game entering Steam Early Access stage. To celebrate such an occasion, the team has also released the EA Launch trailer you ca...


Warface Will Get Battle Royale Mode

Crytek couldn’t stand by and watch PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite reap the results of Battle Royale introduction and decided to try their own hand at the mode, that will be ava...

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