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ACORN Tactics Review

Tactical and strategy games come few and far between, and even more so on the Nintendo Switch. Established franchises such as the X-COM and Sid Meier’s series have yet to make the move to Nintendo’s h...

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Cruising Past Two Million in US Sales, Switch Outpaces All Others

September was a big month for Nintendo Switch. Not only did it find itself cruising past 2M in US sales alone, but it also scored a big win in console sales. According to Nintendo, Switch is the #1 co...

Metroid Samus Aran

Metroid Prime 4 And Pokémon Switch Targeted for 2018

At E3 this year Nintendo revealed it will have at least one major release for its hybrid Switch handheld/home console each month. Venture Beat sat down with Nintendo of America’s corporate commu...

Nintendo E3 2017 Conference

Nintendo E3 2017 Conference Liveblog and Recap – Watch Live Here!

We’re about 10 minutes away from Nintendo’s pre-recorded unveiling of all the goodness it’s bringing to E3 2017. Keep your eyes glued to the monitor. We’ll be recapping and det...

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter XX is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter XX is indeed coming to the Nintendo Switch. Whether or not it comes State-side is another story, but since most MH games tend to do so, the chances are pretty ...

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