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Watchdogs 2

Watchdogs 2 Invites You to a Showdown in Free Multiplayer DLC

Watchdogs 2 fans will be happy to hear that a free multiplayer DLC is now out and about. Called “Showdown”, the DLC was originally planned for a paid DLC coming in April. Lucky for us, dev...

Vikings Wolves of Midgard

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard Review

When I first heard about Games Farm’s Vikings: Wolves of Midgard and that it was an action RPG, I think my inner Norsewoman’s heart skipped more than a few beats. What’s not to like about an ARPG with...

6.5 Fair
Burial Chamber Arena

Burial Chamber Arena – A Grim Reminder of Death in Quake Champions

The Burial Chamber Arena is the latest Quake Champions location to be shown in a new video. Bethesda reminds players that the Grim Reaper stalks its halls. Burial Chamber Arena & Its Secrets Nothi...


NeuroVoider out now on PS4 and Xbox One

For $13.99, Playdius and Flying Oak Games today release NeuroVoider, a twin-stick shooter with RPG elements on the PS4 and Xbox One. Think Diablo + top-down shooters + retro graphics, and you’ve...

Quake Champions

PAX East 2017 – Bethesda Brings Quake, Legends, and Morrowind to Boston

Bethesda Brings Quake, Legends, and Morrowind to Boston – At PAX East we got a chance to meet with the people at Bethesda to talk about some of their upcoming releases, including Morrowind for E...

one hour review of desync

Our One Hour Review of DESYNC

DESYNC is a game produced by Adult Swim – an FPS all about killing or be killed in a unique atmosphere. The game is motivated by a highscore system to make killing with flashy and bold combos ev...


Switch Sometimes Requires Spit Swapping Via Friend Codes

Nintendo Switch owners will be unhappy to hear that the necessity of exchanging codes to add folks to friend lists is still a thing. If you’ve updated your Switch, you’ll find a number of ...

Efi Overwatch

Efi Oladele continues to be teased as next Overwatch hero

The Overwatch Facebook page keeps the teasing strong, with more hints at Efi Oladele and Doomfest being linked. The former is likely the next hero for the competitive shooter, but really it’s an...

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