Geforce Now

The Beauty in Unleashing the Beast – NVIDIA GeForce Now

“Mac’s aren’t for gaming.” Yup. I know. I’ve heard it before and there is always a bit of a sting to hear those words. I love the Apple ecosystem for some of my...

MegaCat Studios Releases Trio of NES Titles to Sate Your Retro Needs

MegaCat Studios has released a trio of games that is sure to please your retro-wannabe. All three are available for the Nintendo Entertainment Systems with a tw...


EVE Valkyrie Update to Include Non-VR Version of the Game

If you’ve been wanting to play EVE Valkyrie but didn’t have a VR headset, we have good news. CCP Games will be releasing a non-VR version of the gam...


Nightmarchers May Make You Rethink that Dream Trip to Hawaii

Nightmarchers is an upcoming survival RPG set in what most of us think of as paradise. Hawaii is a dream vacation for most, but in this version…maybe not ...

Razer Begins Shipping Razer Blade Stealth QHD and UHD Laptops

  Are you a creative looking for a new laptop and don’t want to invest in the almighty Apple? Razer has got you covered. As of today, you can pick up...

troll and i

Troll and I is out today on Nintendo Switch

Maximum Games’ Troll and I, though critically panned at launch, is out now for Nintendo Switch, along with a massive list of improvements and fixes that w...


Bandai Namco Teases Projekt1514 by Dimps With A Short Video

Bandai Namco studio has published a 30 second long teaser video of a mysterious game titled “Projekt1514”. It is being developed by Dimps which has ...

dauntless axe

Axe Away In Dauntless With This Video Tutorial

Dauntless | Axe Weapon Tutorial A Youtube user Arekkz Gaming presented a new video dedicated to action RPG Dauntless. This 10 minutes long weapon tutorial tells...

Shadow Wars

Shadow Wars Will Connect Middle Earth Shadow of War to The Lord of the Rings

The real ending of Shadow of War: The developers of action/RPG Middle Earth: Shadow of War shared some exciting news about a new mini-campaign called Shadow War...

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