Steampunk RPG Acaratus Now Available In Steam

Nodbrim Interactive sent out a word that their Medieval Steampunk turn-based RPG Acaratus is now out in Steam. The game features a deep tactical combat system w...


New Titanfall 2 Trailer Shows Off Monarch

Titanfall 2 – Monarch’s Reign Gameplay Trailer Respawn Entertainment has shared a new trailer for Titalfall 2 latest DLC, The Monarch’s Reign....

Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – From The Gallows Season Finale

The Season Finale for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is rapidly approaching. Players will be able to find out what fate awaits their favorite characters when ...

Nintendo 3DS Ban Wave

Nintendo Unleashes a Large Ban Wave At Users Of Hacked 3DS

This week Nintendo unleashed a large ban wave that permanently knocks the 3DS into offline mode oriented at users of hacked game systems. That includes people w...

super high roller bowl 2017

Poker Central is raising the stakes in Super High Roller Bowl 2017

Poker Central, the Amazon Appstore, and Zynga are teaming up for a massive buy-in at $300,000 for the Super High Roller Bowl 2017. Zynga’s coming off the ...

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter XX is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter XX is indeed coming to the Nintendo Switch. Whether or not it comes State-side is another story, but since most MH game...


Vanquish Sci-Fi Shooter Unleashed on Steam Alongside New Developer Vlog

SEGA has released Vanquish on Steam. The game is a science fiction action shooter from Platinum Games. Vanquish on Steam brings a host of goodies The Steam vers...

Adventure Time

Adventure Time & Minecraft Mixing It Up in New Mashup Pack

Minecraft and Adventure Time will be mixing it up soon when a new mashup pack is released. There will be themed blocks, special music, skins and much more. In a...

Magikarp Jump Mobile

Magikarp Stars in Its Own Game Beginning Today

There’s a new Pokemon game in town that stars none other than Magikarp. Set to launch later today, the game sends everyone’s favorite floppy fish on...

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