Tencent Snaps Up Minority Stake in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Studio

Tencent, a global gaming enterprise, has snapped up a minority stake in Bluehole Studio. According to rumors, Tencent tried to buy the studio outright but was t...


Sudden Strike 4 Released for PC, Coming This Week for PlayStation 4

Kalypso Media has announced the release of Sudden Strike 4 for PC / Steam. The PlayStation 4 version is set to hit store shelves on August 15th. Sudden Strike 4...


Storm Eddie Jams His Way Through Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Dungeons

Storm Eddie has arrived in Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast as a playable assassin. Eddie comes as part of the recently released “Brave New World” d...

Cliff Bleszinski

Cliff Bleszinski Is Not Worried About The Slow Start Of LawBreakers

Cliff Bleszinski, the co-founder of Boss Key Productions, has given a lengthy interview to the EuroGamer portal. He spent some time talking about LawBreakers...

Minecraft 1998

What If Minecraft Was Made In 1998?

A Youtube user 98DEMAKE has presented the latest video in his “what if” series. This time the author “moved” Minecraft back to 1998 and ...

Children of Zodiarcs

Children of Zodiarcs – How a Small Team Made a Tactical RPG Revival

Children of Zodiarcs is the new tactical turn-based RPG from Square Enix and indie studio Cardboard Utopia. A sublime mix of storytelling and table top RPGs, Ch...

Peregrin review

Our Peregrin Review – An Unexpected Journey

“Fool of a Took! This is a serious journey, not a hobbit walking-party. Throw yourself in next time, and then you will be no further nuisance.” While one of my ...

Arena of Valor

Mobile MOBA Mania Arrives in EU with Arena of Valor

If you’ve been looking for a mobile MOBA, Tencent’s Arena of Valor may be just the ticket. The game had been previously unavailable in Europe, but i...

Opening Animation

Sega Presents Sonic Mania Opening Animation

Sonic Mania – Opening Animation SEGA published a brand new video for upcoming Sonic Mania. In it, players can see the opening animation featuring Sonic an...

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