Skylanders Mobile RPG Coming From Activision And Com2us

Activision Games Blog received an exciting update. It tells about the company and Com2us joining forces to create a new project. Com2us previously developed Sum...

Embers of Mirrim

Mirrim Trailer Shows Dashing, Diving Gameplay

Creative Bytes has released a new gameplay trailer for an upcoming platformer called Embers of Mirrim. You’ll see the main character, Mirrim, performing a...


Viking-Themed Northgard Tops Steam One-Day Sales

It appears that many of you love Vikings and have propelled Northgard to the top of today’s Steam sales. The Studio Shiro game beat out heavy hitters like...


Beholder Says Checkmate in Dungeon Chess, a D&D VR Game

If you love beholders and Dungeons & Dragons, you’ll love hearing about Dungeon Chess. The game is Wizards of the Coast’s first virtual reality ...

Deadfire Goes Sailing

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Goes Sailing

Thanks to a crazy successful Fig campaign, Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire goes sailing by adding customizable ships to the game as a thank you to the many (26K...


Ruiner – Blow Through 2091’s Darkest Alleyways with Guns Blazing

The PlayStation blog has been updated with a new post to introduce the world to Ruiner. Players can look for the PS4 shooter later in summer 2017. The descripti...

One Hour Review – MERC Early Access

Early Access games are tough to review, because they’re always changing, and so few really ever make it out of that stage. But they’re products for ...

Deus Ex Mankind Divided - A Criminal Past

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Gets A Criminal Past Mission DLC

Deus Ex Mankind Divided devs sent out a word about the second DLC for the game. A Crimial Past shows events that happen before those of the main game. Namely, A...

lego city undercover

LEGO City Undercover is Launching April 4th

After it initially launched solely on the Wii U, we found out recently that LEGO City Undercover is coming to the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC as a sort of rem...

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