The day online

THE DAY Online Begins Second Open Beta

South Korean publisher Reloaded Studios announces the second round of open beta testing for their action battle arena THE DAY Online, beginning April 21st on St...

Sonic Wave GH337

AVerMedia Announces Latest Addition to Audio Lineup, SonicWave Gaming Headsets

AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. has recently introduced its brand-new line of SonicWave gaming audio solutions.  Giving us two headsets, the SonicWave GH335 and th...

PUbg Mobile PUBG assault rifle nerf

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is nerfing the Assault Rifle

If you’ve played PUBG, chances are you’ve relished in finding an assault rifle – knowing full well that it’s your best chance of survivi...

God of War sales

God of War comes out on top in UK sales charts

In a case of “we could have seen that coming”, it seems that the PS4 exclusive Dad-em-Up God of War is a resounding hit in the UK. We don’t ge...

Starship Corporation Launches out of Early Access May 3, Now You Can Become an Intergalactic CEO

Iceberg Interactive and Coronado Games announce that Starship Corporation, a spaceship-building game, will soon be released from the Early Access Program as of ...

Platformer Aura Of Worlds Ready To Challenge Players Starting On April 24th

Aura Of Worlds, a new rogue-like platformer from indie studio Cognitive Forge, is set to launch on Steam April 24th. With a strong focus on exploration, survivi...

Dog of War

Dog of War – Four Legs Are Better Than Two

PlayStation Europe brought forth a grim and dark trailer, presenting the undoubtedly best game of 2018: Dog of War.  Ever wanted to stretch your paws in an epic...


Underworld Ascendant is a Whole New Way to Crawl Out of the Abyss

Sequels are an absolute staple of modern video games. Fifa fans are already blighted by a barrage of annual iterations and even Final Fantasy can’t help try to ...


David Leitch logs on to Direct The Division Movie

From Deadpool 2 to the Division in quick succession. David Leitch, director of the upcoming Deadpool sequel, has signed on to helm the movie adaptation of Ubiso...

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