Metal Gear Survive – Updates Incoming

Metal Gear Survive may have had a lackluster first few days, but Konami isn’t deterred. To celebrate the game’s launch, players can pick up a daily login bonus ...

Turok 2

Turok Returns to Consoles on March 2nd

If you’re old enough to remember the very first time that Jeff Goldblum warned us about messing with dinosaurs, then you’re probably old enough to have gotten s...

Trails of Cold Steel 2 Review

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 – Who Said JRPGs Were Dead?

When you think about Role-Playing games you think of one main series, Final Fantasy. Well if you thought that Final Fantasy developer Square-Enix was the only c...


Two Point Studios’ Founders Reveal First Look at Two Point Hospital Gameplay

Co-founders of Two Point Studios are curious if you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a Two Point Hospital would look like? Mark Webley and Ben Hymers u...


The Gorgeous ‘Ghost of a Tale’ to be Released on March 13th

If you’ve been searching for both a gorgeous game and an action RPG, look no further than Ghost of a Tale. The game has been in production for over five y...


Yakuza 6 Demo Arrives at a Whopping 36GB

Sega has announced that the Yakuza 6 demo will be out later today. That’s not surprising since it’s been known for awhile. What is surprising is tha...

A Way Out - Gold

A Way Out Has Gone Gold

Josef Fares has shared the exciting news that criminal co-op action A Way Out has gone gold. That means that the game development has been successfully finished...

heroes of the storm enforcer skins

Heroes of the Storm – New Enforcer Skins & More

The developers of MOBA Heroes of the Storm have shared a new video dedicated to a pack of new Enforcer skins on its way to the game as well as a new STORM Strid...


Mulaka Nintendo Switch Review

Mulaka, meaning Children Of The Stars – is a 3D action adventure bought to us by the Lienzo development team in Chihuahua Mexico. Mulaka is based on the s...

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