Elder Scrolls Online Screen

Elder Scrolls Online is now the Best Console MMO

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Zenimax Online’s Elder Scrolls Online. In my opinion, and of course that’s just like anyone else’...

LEGO Worlds

LEGO Worlds – If You Build It, They Will Come

LEGO Worlds is ready to build an audience beginning this March. In a new blog post, TT Games’ Chris Rose revealed the game and its release. Players will b...

Halo Wars 2 Soundtrack

Halo Wars 2 Soundtrack Preview

Xbox Wire Editor Mike Nelson has made a new blog post. He is sharing information about Halo Wars 2 Soundtrack which is currently available for pre-order. Halo W...

Latest Zelda Breath of the Wild Patch Fixes Framerate Issues

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass Announced

It seems that in this day and age, even The Legend of Zelda isn’t immune to DLC. Today the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass announced by...

Legrand Legacy

Legrand Legacy Is Now Fully Funded

Semisoft announced that its tactical JRPG Legrand legacy reached its Kickstarter goal of about $50k. The team is now looking towards the stretch goals. William ...

Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime Ready To Hit The Market

Amazon Web Services announced the launch of their voice and video calls service, Amazon Chime. It might be a direct competitor to Microsoft’s Skype & ...


Disney Dumps Pewdiepie for Anti-Semitic Slur

YouTube sensation Pewdiepie has been dumped by Disney. The severing of ties came after a now-removed video featured an anti-Semitic slur. He allegedly paid men ...

Freedom Bundle

Freedom Bundle Taking On Trump’s Agenda

Humble Bundle is taking on President Trump to support refugee and legal organizations in the US. Sales of the “Freedom Bundle” will benefit the ACLU...

Link Twin

Link Twin Scores Big After Launch

Link Twin is taking the puzzle world by storm. The brand new puzzle game is #1 in five countries as well as in the top 5 in 20 other nations. Players in the US ...

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