Farming Simulator 2019 – Time To Bring Your Farm Game!

Farming is a necessity around the world. People need food, they need clothing, and they need to have something to do. Enter the Farming Simulator series which allows you to take the front seat to a livelihood that many people do around the world. Whether you are behind the wheel of your tractor plowing fields, or harvesting said fields with your combine, these games will bring you a depth of reality. This is our review of Farming Simulator 2019.

From Developer Giants Software and Publisher Focus Home Interactive, comes this year’s newest farming game, Farming Simulator 2019, ok so next years but you know what I mean. We know that this series has a good history on PC and on Consoles as well as we see a lot of people playing the games. With a game that is brand new, and in pre-release status, some of us were able to play it ahead of time, and it amazed me how many people were actually sitting there and watching people play this game. The farming games never picked up too much for me after Sim Farm (yes I am a little older) and I did attempt to play Farming Simulator 2015 a few years back. Some of the previous iterations of this series seemed a little more on the difficult side, 2019 is not really one of those ones. We will take a closer look below.

Simulator games seem to be all the rage these days, Euro Truck Sims, Real Farm, and of course the ever popular Farming Simulator games. Farming Simulator 2019 starts off right with an already good gaming engine, and they push the envelope with even more developed graphics. I went back and took a look at Farming Simulator 2017, mainly because that is the one that all of my friends hype up, and the graphics looked really good. When I started playing 2019 I noticed that the video intro was very clean and almost lifelike. I felt like I was watching a really good movie from a high budget film studio. We know that cinematic additions are meant to be beautiful so we will move one step further, the game itself. As you enter the first mission you will start on a hill on your first farm and you will see trees, and grass, and hear the birds chirping, and dogs barking. As you take your first person stroll to your farm you will notice the equipment and how much more realistic it looks. If this were a VR game I think people would be really drawn in by the realism.

Audio is a big factor in games, as you all know, and the audio in this game is on point. From the birds chirping in the trees to the dogs barking in the background, and even to the noise of the engines rumbling through the fields. Growing up as the son of a farmer I have heard a lot of these machines in action, and the ones in games are no exception. Everything sounds as it should.

Your mission in the game depends on what you choose as your starting point. There are three career modes. New Farmer, Farm-Manager, and Start from scratch. New farmer is a mode where you are already established with some equipment and the game walks you through learning Farming Simulator 2019. Farm-Manager starts you with a lot of money but you have nothing to start with besides that, choose your land, buy your equipment (or lease it), and start plowing or building. The final campaign mode is Start from scratch, and as the name implies you are starting from the beginning. Unlike Farm-Manager you are given limited funds to get your land and equipment, and the economy is tough. This mode provides a very realistic situation for you. There is also a multiplayer game mode where you can join or create a game, you can even rent a dedicated server for you and your friends.

For those of us who haven’t played a farming sim game in a long time, or ever, there are tutorials right on the main screen that will walk you through skills like forestry, fertilizing soil care, and others. This is a good way to get into the game and learn the basics so that you aren’t confused in the game with what to do next.

The last section is for the extras. As with other Farming Simulator games mods are enabled so that you can get a more unique feel to your gameplay. The other extra is for achievements. There are plenty of things for you to strive for as you play your game and earning achievements will be one of them. These few things here are items that I know gamers ask for with a lot of new games coming out and I am sure they will be excited to see them in game.

Note: Our copy was previewed on Steam with a code provided by PR.

Overall, the Farming Simulator series is one that a lot of people are very fond of, especially with Farming Simulator 2017. With 2019 I believe all of those people are going to make the transition and find a whole new love for the series. The game is available on 11/20/18. Go out there and farm your hearts out, everyone!
  • Amazing Graphical Updates
  • Plentiful Gameplay Options
  • True to Life Farming
  • Affordable for Gamers
  • Equipment may need a compatability with Display
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