Krosmaga Review

Krosmaga aims to combine the deck building strategy of a CCG with the challenge of a tower defense game set in the Ankama (Wakfu, Dofus) universe. All while still being free to play. Time to see how true that is. This is our Krosmaga review.


Looking at the CCG side of things, you can easily grasp what is going on if you’ve ever spent any time playing most any CCG. Instead of mana to summon cards, you have Action Points which rise up to a maximum of 10 with a pool of reserve AP. You can summon heroes and cast various spells depending on which God you play.

That’s right instead of a class, you play a GOD. At the moment the game has eight different Gods to play as, each with their own theme to playing. You start with Iop, the God of War. But, it’s easy enough to unlock the starting card pack for each God. SImply play a training match with that God and win.

Krosmaga 1Looking back at the cards, you’ll notice stats like AT (attack), HP (health points) and MP (movement points). AT and HP are the bread and butter for destroying other things, but MP determines how fast you travel down the lane. With some cards having bonuses as well.There are neutral cards any God can use, and God specific cards. All ranging from common to Infinite, with a maximum of 45 cards in a deck. You start with three cards in your first hand and can discard as many as you wish, with the player that goes last getting an extra card.

As with any CCG, the RNG can be a game killer. The starter decks are ok, but like any CCG you want to build your own custom deck. The deck builder is good for stats on your deck, like how many 2 AP cards you have, etc., it doesn’t hold your hand with building a deck like some other CCG’s do.

There is of course an in game store for buying packs of cards. Ranging from 60 Kama for a bronze pack up to 200 Kama for a Gold pack each with 5 cards with at least one rare or better depending on the pack bought. 100 Kama basically costing $1 USD.

Protect da DOFUS! 

So you have your cards and are ready to play. Time to talk about the tower defense part of Krosmaga.

The playing field consists of five lanes with each lane equaling eight spaces. At the end of each lane there is a Dofus belonging to each God. Three are real, two are fakes with each Dofus having five HP. You win the game by destroying two of your opponent’s Dofuses. While destroying a fake Dofus allows you to spawn a space higher.

You summon your heroes with your cards and they go on their merry way towards the end of the lane. It sounds simple, but it can get fairly intense as two players battle it out with heroes and spells.

Currently there are five different play modes on offer. There is training, ranked, unranked, Dungeons and Draft. Training, ranked and unranked are just like you would expect in an online game. Dungeons are specific rule set games that can be played by paying Kama to enter them. Draft lets you build a deck with random cards and battle until you have been defeated three times. Each victory in draft increases your winning, which you can increase more so by betting on yourself.

The game also has quests you can work on to get card packs and Karma as well as the Kromis Roulette which you get a token for when you log in for the day.

Overall the game can be quite fun, especially if you enjoy the art style of Wakfu and seeing the various characters as cards in the game. But it felt like there needs to better balancing over all on several cards as well as the ability to gain Kama to purchase more cards is severely hampered without spending real life money.

  • Great artwork, especially if you enjoy the Wakfu universe
  • Good concept
  • Cross platform support for Steam, IOS, Android if you make an Ankama account
  • Cards are not balanced
  • Can be difficult to win without spending any money
  • Looped music is meh
  • No daily quests
  • The RNG can be really bad
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