Layers of Fear: Legacy Review – Nintendo Switch

Super squeamish when it comes to horror, I avoid them in every media format at all costs or I don’t sleep well but something about the name Layers of Fear, along with the artistry drew me like a moth to a flame. Curious if I could also immerse in high levels of suspense via a smaller screen, I couldn’t wait to jump in and bring you our Layers of Fear: Legacy review for Nintendo Switch.

Rebuilt from its 2016 title especially for Nintendo Switch. Layers of Fear: Legacy has you playing as a troubled painter who returns home to create his most important piece of work he will ever do but as you paint you start to have hallucinations of his past that lead up to this moment. You’ll explore the artist’s relationship with his wife and their daughter as his artistic talent fails him pushing him into madness.

From the outset I was enthralled, the mansion setting is exquisite in Victorian details and lighting. Lending to these elements is the storm thundering outside (of course) and the most perfect of soundtracks throughout leaving suspense in all the right places. Each creeping door, footstep taken and clap of lightning builds between discoveries telling you without any a doubt that the talent on the Bloober Team that developed this game, is exceptional.

As we navigate the artists home and memories, we discover clues and collectables that lend more passage to this unfolding story that often catches you off guard or makes you wonder if you are missing something. There is barely any in between which once again sets the scene perfectly for a psychological horror experience.

Remember when I mentioned in the beginning that I have a very low tolerance for horror? It’s true, so I was taken aback when I wasn’t as scared as I thought I would be finding myself worried more than anything as walls around me shifted or paintings melted leaving me in a regular state of unease. Layers of Fear: Legacy turns your senses upside down or inside out as nightmarish images tease your screen – just out of reach so subtly and quickly, you wonder if it happened at all. The amount of subliminal in this game is sublime.

I had moments. Shrill, screeching from fright moments but this is where I think the layers come in – as good old fashion fright lies just beneath tongue in cheek references to other popular horror adding large doses of cheesiness. Put this alongside the stunning art throughout Layers of Fear: Legacy and there is simply not enough time to get scared for too long.

Extra patience is often required as you track down clues and although I found the controls awkward opening doors and drawers especially I was still able to keep an enjoyable pace. These minor set backs aside I think its worth every moment to muster up any extra tolerance to immerse in Layers of Fear: Legacy as it is delivered in such a way the most avid of horror fan would enjoy it to the most skittish like myself.

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Layers of Fear: Legacy is a brilliant horror story for (almost) all ages and levels of terror stamina. The artwork takes your breath away and the content in it keeps you guessing. Even though the controls for this game on Nintendo Switch  are a little clunky I am confident making Layers of Fear: Legacy a priority on your gaming menu would be a very favourable decision.
  • Incredible Art Work
  • Intriguing content
  • Stunning sound and music
  • Most immersive experience so far on Switch
  • Can be hard to see what's going on
  • Controls feel clunky
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