LEGO City Undercover Review

Letting That Inner Child Out

LEGO games normally aren’t my thing. They’re fun in short doses, but normally in my experience when I gave them a chance, I was quick to pass them onto my younger nieces and nephews. I’d yet to ever actually review one; until now.

LEGO City Undercover is arguably the most kid-friendly alternative to the free roam formula that is so often presented in games rated for Teens or rated Mature. Thrown into the role of Chase McCain, hardboiled cop, and master of disguise, it’s up to the play to save LEGO City from the escaped convict Rex Fury and stop his plans of mass anarchy.

Good Cop, Bad Cop, Bricked Cop

LEGO City Undercover is unapologetically one huge cliche spin on cop dramas and comedies, with other action movies sprinkled on top. The result is a bit of ridiculous in the form of a child’s fantasy LEGO playset. With how expensive LEGO sets can be, the games are often a good alternative gift for the children in your life and LEGO City Undercover isn’t an exception, and there is just enough references and the gameplay is solid enough to keep adults playing off and on as well (those of us with a funny bone in our bodies anyway).

LEGO City UndercoverGameplay is understandably simplistic, nothing is too over the top and for someone my age I can admit it got boring for me outside of the comedy aspect. Driving seemed to be on the slower side, platforming not requiring all that much timing, and the game holds your hand for quite a long time before it trusts you enough to walk on your own.

Passing the controller off to my niece, she had a very different take. Watching her and my nephew trade controllers, I saw the game how it was supposed to be seen; from a child’s perspective. So as the three of us traded off over a few weekends, I was finally able to gather my thoughts. LEGO City Undercover, is a good game. It’s just not exactly an exciting one for adults. But where I found gameplay lacking, they did not. And where many of the references flew over their heads for their age, I was cracking up at how many I recognized. It’s a mixed bag, with something different for all ages.

LEGO City UndercoverCutscenes are abundant, as are loading screens. While they’ve understandably improved over the 2013 version for the Wii U (according to my very reliable source, my aforementioned nieces and nephews) it still takes a bit too long for my taste.

Lacking For Adults, Great For Kids

LEGO City Undercover isn’t for me. If I were to rate it solely on my experience, I’d give it no higher than a 6.5. But watching kids play, and seeing how they were glued to the screen, through their eyes it looked like a 9. Taking all of that into account, I think it’s only fair I bump my thoughts on it up a little to a solid

  • Hilarious use of references from a number of sources
  • Gameplay isn't too difficult for children
  • Gameplay can be boring for adults
  • Open world map feels a bit wasted
  • Tutorials as well as loading screens last way too long
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