Old Time Hockey Review

Playing hockey the way it was meant to be -- biting, fighting & takin' it to the refs

If you grew up in the 1970s, Hockey was just as much a spectacle as a sport. Players scored goals, fought battles, and even fought fans in some stadiums. There are documentaries and even the classic Slapshot movie. The scene has grown into myth and legends. There have been plenty of hockey games in the past, but Old Time Hockey really captures the brutal world of this era. The game offers fun mechanics and fight systems which will have you jumping off the couch. This is our Old Time Hockey review.

Old Time Hockey offers a fantastic retro interface that brings the player back into a stadium of the 1970s, not the video games of the 1970s. The uniforms, players, the whole package seems to step out time. The Exhibition mode allows you to play the game and get some practice. You can also play with 4 people in co-op format bringing back actually couch gaming. This was an easy start to learning how to play. The other mode that was offered is Story mode. It is much more in depth and has you take control of a team in the Bush League. You will play as an underdog trying to get to the championships. The story mode is fun because you get old school elements like hockey cards for your players and read about your games in the newspaper interface. The themes here are right on point.

The gameplay is fast for a sports game. You get an overview of the ice and can move players quickly. Besides scoring goals, one of the most fun mechanics is the huge hits. Checking and crushing people has always been legendary in hockey and this game delivers. The game also has fight controls. Players will square off and swing at each other until one goes down. We loved this feature, but wish it had a bit more to it. Granted it is better than just button mashing.

One interesting feature is how you can play the game on the controller. There is a retro mode which is simply two or three buttons to play. This makes it easy for anyone to pick the game up. It has a very old school feel. The next mode is called Advanced which gives you more options on the controller. This style is definitely for the more advanced player who is used to the PS4 controllers. Finally, and the funniest one yet is Beer mode. Beer mode allows you to play the game with one hand so you can drink with the other.

Overall, Old Time Hockey does need some polish in terms of play. Also, we wish there was an online mode so people could match up all over the world. The controls have that retro feel and the gameplay is easy for anyone to pick up. Plus, you can play on the couch with friends and drink while you’re at it. The price is right for this game though coming in at $11.99 it is a pretty good deal.

  • Retro look and gameplay
  • Different controller options
  • Hard hits and fights
  • Needs some polish
  • Lack of online gameplay
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