The Sims 4 Paranormal PC Review – Bonehilda is Back!

The Sims 4: Paranormal stuff pack is the latest addition to EA’s life simulator that allows players to dip their toes into an otherworldly, spooky side. Players who purchased the pack receive the new type of lots, a number of new niche objects and clothes, some Create-a-Sim options, the Medium skill and the Paranormal Investigator career that acts as a part of the Freelancer option. And, perhaps the most awaited feature, we get to see Bonehilda again! 

So grab your sacred candles and crystal balls, and let’s dive right into Paranormal!

Unlike the previous Stuff Pack, the Nifty Knitting, Paranormal is somewhat more obscure to get started with. Sure, if you open the Buy Mode and filter by the expansion, you’d find all matter of stuff related to the spooky other side: tables, sofas & chairs, pictures, a curious fireplace and the Séance Table Set that allows you to level your Medium skill line but… How to get the ghosts to move in?! 

In the Paranormal Stuff Pack reveal video, the devs explained that otherworldly activities only happen in the special Haunted Lots. I’ll admit it took me an embarrassing amount of time before I figured out that the new lots weren’t automatically added to the existing worlds and before I checked the library (F4 by default on PC). 

There, in the Lots category, you can find the Duplantier Dwelling, the Haunted House Residential building that costs a whopping 100k simoleons. Simply place the building in the world you desire and move in, provided you have enough cash. 

The Haunted House looks just like you would expect it to, complete with occult items and featuring randomly flickering lights, otherworldly voices, creepy children laughter at night and more.

Having arrived in the new, properly haunted, house, I immediately started looking for the new career option. The Paranormal Investigator of the Federal Bureau of Spooky Investigation can be found under the Freelancer option… and it requires the special License before you can join. The prompt tells you that you can either talk to Guidry the Ghost to learn more or purchase it from the Reward store for 3000 satisfaction points. Guidry, apparently, has something against my fledgling Medium so I had to cheat my points in order to speed up the process. 

Nevertheless, at this point you can get started on your spooky journey. Proceed to the Séance table that allows you to Sense Spiritual Volatility and Commune with the Departed at first. 

However, as your skill increases, you’d be able to hold group Seances, summon Bonehilda to cook you some chicken nuggets, Invoke the Dead or do Ghastly Rituals. The results may vary. For example, the Ghastly Ritual might transform your Sim into a Ghost, opening a number of specific interactions with the other characters such as Pass Through, Ghost Scare or even Talk About Death. The Medium can also possess or break furniture. I hope your Medium’s family members aren’t prone to be scared easily now that the free update has added the option and won’t scream incoherently while running in circles! You might want to get some sacred candles to keep things a bit calmer in the household. 

The Paranormal Investigator career mentioned above reminds me of the Detective Career from The Sims 4: Get to Work. However, unlike it, as a PI you get to repeat pretty much the same actions you are already making a lot at your own Haunted House. 

Bonehilda, everyone’s favorite macabre maid, becomes available once your Medium reaches level 3. Once summoned, she will start cleaning around the lot, cook for your characters and then disappear. Apparently, Bonehilda left her coffin at another Haunted Lot. However, you can chat and even flirt with her! 

You can also summon cute, plush-like looking ghosts but watch out, their looks can be deceiving! Attempting to communicate with one might result with a bad mood for your Sim for the rest of the day. On the other hand, Specter Sprinkles will keep your character Playful for a long while. 

The Sim can give them gifts, including pieces of their very soul. Be careful if that’s what you wish for, as the effect on your Sim’s mood will be immediate and great. There is a way to restore those pieces through Guidry the Ghost.  

Your spectral visitors also have a knack for mischief, leaving behind various items such as a Bizarre Idol or more malicious Twisted Tendrils, slime or creepy dolls. Thankfully, you can get rid of those quickly with some good ol’ manual labor. 

The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff Pack is out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The publisher provided an Origin key for the purposes of this review.

The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff Pack is a nice, niche addition to the game that feels like it should always have been here. It was not obvious on how to start your journey as a Medium, but once you get in you're guaranteed some spooky fun.
  • Bonehilda is back!
  • Ambient sounds
  • Nice additions to gameplay
  • New career option & skill
  • Very few Create-a-Sim/Buy Mode objects
  • Little interaction with Bonehilda
  • Not straightforward
  • Sims' emotions affected too much, especially with Scared mood
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