Super Bomberman R Review

Only mildly explosive, but charmingly retro

Super Bomberman R isn’t exactly the most exciting of the new Nintendo Switch launch titles. I mean, there’s a certain niche fanbase for Bomberman in general, one of Konami’s oldest IPs (originally one of Hudson Soft’s), but his heyday is long since in the past. Still, for a system that’s as much about sitting around with friends and family as it is playing the next big Zelda or Mario, Super Bomberman R is actually a great little multiplayer game. This is our Super Bomberman R review.

Not Reinventing the Bomb

Super Bomberman R is basically Bomberman as you know and love him – blow up ricks and enemies in a maze while trying not to get killed by said enemies or your own blasts. There’s a cartoony story mode that reminded me a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons in tone, and it takes you across five worlds with 10 levels each and a boss at the end of  each world. It’s a fun, but ultimately tedious way to play the game. Hardcore fans will play it to clear it (come on, Nintendo give us Trophies or Achievements!), but the real meat and potatoes comes in Multiplayer.

super bomberman r reviewThose same 50 levels can be played in co-op mode locally, and just adding that one other person makes Super Bomberman R much more enjoyable. You’re constantly laughing, shouting, and gleefully dying as you both try to defeat the levels without killing each other. That’s fun enough multiplayer for sure, but the game really shines when you try out the up-to up-to 8 player battle mode.

That Multiplayer Mayhem Charm

Everyone will have a different favorite Bomberman character; there are different kinds of powerups, bombs, and multitudinous different stages to play on. The network response times can be a little lacking, but Konami and HexaDrive have already committed to work on that issue and free updates to content.

Until Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ships in April, there’s really no better competitive game on the Switch, and if old school action games like this are your cup of tea, then Super Bomberman R is definitely for you. If instead you’re looking for a meaty single player experience, I’d suggest that one Zelda game everyone seems so keen on, I Am Setsuna, or Shovel Knight.

super bomberman r reviewFinal Super Bomberman R Review Thoughts

Super Bomberman R is a good, not great, return for the franchise. It’s charming in its retro gameplay, but also a bit disappointing that the first new game in a decade does little to push the IP forward.

  • Classic Bomberman action
  • Riotous multiplayer
  • Boring single player story
  • Does little to innovate
  • Rough network response times
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