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Ittle 2 Dew is what happens when Zelda, Regular Show, and Adventure Quest have a baby. It’s a parody of the Zelda-styled adventure, but it also happens to be a really competent adventure game with some great style and puzzles. You’ll be forgiven if you’ve never heard of it. Originally launched way back when on the Ouya, it then found a home on PS4 and the PC in 2016 via Nicalis. Now the Indie publisher is bringing the game to the Switch, where it’s bound to find new life among the fans of Link. This is our Ittle Dew 2 review for the Nintendo Switch.

Ittle 2 uses a familiar top-down view that fans of the 16-bit era games will be fond of. But it does so with a 3D, cel-shaded style that immediately reminded me of Cartoon Networks best shows. It’s fitting, because the titular heroic girl Ittle is just as fourth-wall-breaking as those shows, and the developer Ludosity is clearly a fan of the genre while admitting its foibles. Ittle and her flying fairy dog pet thing land on an island and the only way off is to collect eight pieces of a raft – which just happen to be trapped in dungeons spread across the island.

Ittle Dew 2 reviewThere is a plethora of goofy NPCs, loads of secrets to uncover, and tons of items to gain through the dungeon crawl in true Zelda style. Honestly, for those aching for a top-down Zelda on their Switch, there isn’t a better option than Ittle Dew 2 +. Nicalis has gone above and beyond to include a fully-illustrated manual and map with the physical version too. The humor in the game is pitch perfect and makes for an adventure that just keeps you smiling the whole way through.

If there are any complaints to be made, I’d say that the controls can be often unwieldy in a way that makes it hard to aim your ranged attacks. But it’s a minor detail in an otherwise perfectly fine control scheme.  The dodge roll is a nice addition to make avoiding death easier, and while sometimes I found myself jumping off of ledges into the depths below the dungeon, that’s purely user error.

Ittle Dew 2 reviewI like to think of Ittle Dew 2 as one of the few games that have managed to ape the 16-Bit Zelda formula successfully. It could stand to do a bit more original in its gameplay, but the world and its humor make up for any shortcomings in original gameplay. I’ve also got to mention that it’s got one of the best varying soundtracks I’ve heard from an Indie game. Jazz permeates the air, and it works really well in tandem with the cartoon visuals.

On top of the original base game, Ittle Dew 2 + on the Switch has the Dream World which adds 5 new dungeons with their own difficulties to conquer, a new boss, and cards to collect. It’s a great way to make a somewhat short game last a little longer. And trust us, Ittle Dew 2 is so charming you’ll want it to last as long as it can.

  • Great humor and cartoon vibe
  • Solid dungeon puzzles
  • Awesome soundtrack
  • Controls can be iffy
  • Seems too short
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  1. Well now I have to try it. It sounds pretty great

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