Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943 Review

This is our Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 review, the latest in-depth war sim from Graviteam aimed at the hardcore history and strategy buffs out there. Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 – tactical battalion level combat simulation. Continuation of Graviteam Tactics series on the Western Front. The game is comprised of two main modes:

  • Operational – turn-based mode where you can shift and concentrate forces in the chosen directions, resupply and replace units, repair and refuel vehicles.
  • Tactical – real-time mode where you are conducting fire combat with the enemy, capturing territory, destroying vehicles and the enemy manpower.

Sounds interesting enough, right? Let’s give it a look. Right off the bat, you get a great main menu with a fair amount of options. The player profile has in-depth look at your various stats in game and after viewing for the first time let me know I was in for a long game.

Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943I decided to skip ahead to options to see what was on offer and I was not disappointed. Ranging from reducing smoke from tracer rounds to halving texture quality on multiple objects. Having units be accurate historically, arcade realism to simulated realism. The ability to pause or pause and jump to a unit or area when something happened (a thing I like having the ability to chose in my RTS games). Changing the speed of camera movement/rotation.

I was glad for all of these options. It showed me that the Devs understood not everyone has supercomputers and needed different options to run games. 

The Needed Tutorial

I’m not gonna lie… I must’ve spent literal hours in the tutorial. They go over the basics of the game quite well. The attack/defend tutorials are great as was how to make a quick battle.

I wanted an in depth tutorial because of what Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 claims to be and I got it in spades! Mind you sitting down and playing just the tutorial for a few hours isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ll argue that if you’re looking to play this game; that’s what you should be expecting considering the detailed information in the game as well as the level of detail for combat.

Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943CAMPAIGN! 

As you may notice, the campaign seems small with only three different operations. Don’t let that fool you. I several hours here trying out the different operations. Even on easy, I was getting my butt handed to me.

Each campaign puts you a different point of view and gives varying objectives. I could see someone spending hours and hours here depending on what difficulty they chose. I’ll be honest and admit I didn’t spend as much time with these categories as I did with everything else.

The battle editor had a ton of options ranging from the mission of the player/enemy/allies (ambush, defense, force recon, attack). Various game modes like capture flags, minimal casualties, etc.Weather conditions, weather forecast, the condition of the various troops (rookie, vet, how much of the unit is alive, etc.). I could see this eating up even more time after you’re done with or need a break from the Campaign.

Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943So, you wanted detailed and in-depth information on units in this game? Well, here you go.

I shouldn’t have been surprised with how complex this game can be that the encyclopedia would literally be a library of information on everything. I did notice that it took a bit for the models to load when clicking on them, but the otherwise great stuff here.

So, I’ve gone over what the game includes, but how was the game? I enjoy RTS games, I enjoy SIM games, I enjoy military games as well. That being said I’m not always too great at them. I thought the game itself is solid. Gameplay worked well, the loading times weren’t bad considering I was running everything on high. The level of detail is amazing. If you like games that are in this niche genre then yes, go out and buy this right now.

Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943Final Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 Review Thoughts

But understand what it entails and just how many hours you may spend down the rabbit hole trying to get your units just right, only to get your rear handed to you because the AI is pretty good in this on higher difficulties. I generally enjoyed the game but felt I was overloaded with information. Not the game’s fault, that’s the type of game it is. Just know that before deciding to buy.

TLDR? Like info heavy war sim games with tons of detail? If yes, then give Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 a whirl. It’s in a class of its own.

  • Hugely in-depth gameplay
  • Great historical campaign
  • Needed but well-done tutorials
  • Very niche market
  • Can be overly difficult
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