Unspottable Quick Hit Review

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Get your glasses on and call the family down to the front room as we jump into Unspottable, a new deception led party game on Nintendo Switch.

With the roaring success of whodunnit space massive Among Us, it’s no surprise that we’re starting to see new twists on the mystery misadventure. Unspottable is one of those, a new small town party battler that pits friends and family against each other in a quest to unveil the imposter in the yard.

Hide & Seek

Much like stealth based party game Invisigun, Unspottable is a charming aesthetic wrapped around a simple concept. Up to 4 players can jump into the action here and enter an arena disguised up as robots. In a world full of tin headed automatons, all you’ll need to do is punch your way through the chrome plated nasties ion order to find and eliminate your friends. This core concept is played for laughs as Unspottable presents a fun and ferocious arrangement of arenas, ideas, and silly-looking characters to enjoy. Sitting down to play with friends and family sets a light tone and while things might get a bit loud, its all fun and games really.

unspottable review disco

Controls are as simple as you might expect in this circumstance. Rattling around an arena using a controller or Joycon is as simple as pushing a stick, with an additional button for punching, one to dash, and one to occasionally distract your opponents. Learning these is thankfully pretty easy with an adequate tutorial provided before anybody plays for keeps

Colorful Chaos

Outside of the obviously unusual decor, there are lots of touches that infiltrate Unspottable to keep players entertained, from the cute player characters, such as the dinosaur dress up, to some very chaotic backdrops. 12 arenas are available to play through in Unspottable, each of them arranged around a ludicrous idea. Sushi bars might seem sedate but discos, school yards, dojos, and dance studios all provide a different backdrop crammed full of new props and imposters. While you’re trying to work out who your friends are to K.O. hem, you’ll also have to contend with a rash of other mini games. Everything from collecting loot to completing dance routine is all designed to keep you moving and mislead our mushy meat sack brains into exposing themselves.

unspottable schoolyard

The variety and colorful characters in Unspottable make it a joy to smash through and there’s definitely a wonderful sort of simplicity to the core gameplay. Unfortunately, this is also Unspottable’s biggest issue. When compared to the online chaos of Among us and Fall Guys, or even the tasty Cake Bash, the menu of activities here can seem somewhat limited. This lack of diversity via online opponents or adequate game modes both make Unspottable feel like a good idea that still needs development. The latest Switch release suffers from this even further. While PC players can load up Parsec, Rainway, or Steam Remote PLay to log in another local player remotely, the Nintendo Switch version really is a local couch competition.

Despite this limitation, this frivolous couch competition is still worth a look if your bubble is more than 2 people big. It’s essentially a few new twists on hide and seek and there’s a reason why its a classic. Unspottable is short, with plenty of room for improvement but at the right price this charming game of guess who certainly will stay installed on ym system for now. Unspottable is nut now on PC, and just landed on Nintendo Switch.

  • Simple to pick up and play
  • Great Core Concept
  • Little variety in game type
  • Really suffers from lack of multiplayer
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