WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship Review

Some games are made to be fully fantasy and to help you expand your imagination through stories. While some are meant to imitate real life and to give us the best experience we can get to see what some people go through. Developed by Kylotonn, WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship (WRC 9) is just the real simulation title that rally racers might like when they aren’t out on the real roads racing. Find out a little bit more about it in our review.

Realistic racing games are the most fun because you have cars that are true to the real world. Developers do their best to make the handling and control of these vehicles as close to real as well and that is what makes them the most fun. I have played a lot of racing games that have cars that steer like tanks and others that are so loose that you can hardly control them. I feel that WRC 9 is a good balance between these two. If you adjust yourself correctly then races will be easy. If there is the slightest over-adjustment then the car will end up off the track. Especially with how conditions are for some of the races where there is snow, or gravel, or water. Some races have extreme conditions and make for an even more challenging experience.


Lots of modes are available for play as well. From online multiplayer to weekly challenges to career mode, there is something for everyone in WRC 9. In career mode, you will take over as one of the drivers of a rally team. Through training and other races, it is your job to build up your reputation with sponsors and to win races. Choose from several different brands of cars and work to set it up properly for every race. Upgrades to your team and skills will make you a better driver and teammate. One thing is for sure if your meteorologist tells you it’s going to storm, make sure you get that set up absolutely correct or risk sliding all over the track. Tires make a difference and some are set with studs for snow or specific set-ups for gravel and asphalt.

In competitive online matches, you will not race as in traditional racing games with everyone on the same screen at the same time. Each player shows up as a ghost image so that you can race without having to worry about any crashes or anything like that. I attempted several such races against the same couple of people over and over and because my car was a basic one they always had a leg up on me. There was a bar on the left side of the screen that showed each leg of the race and where each player was about one another. When you enter the online multiplayer area there is an option for quickplay or to create your own lobby. If online gaming isn’t what you are searching for then you can always try the split-screen mode.


Online events are a good way to earn some extra experience to level up with. There are daily and weekly events that allow you to race-specific types of races in pre-selected conditions. One other event type is a Rallye event, in this case, there is one set to take place for Monte-Carlo in forty-five days. Take your car against the best players around to try and qualify. Each of these events gives you a bit more to do as you progress through WRC 9. Other events are available to you during your career mode and these are considered extreme events. As the driver, you are provided with a car that has heavy damage and is given an objective to drive a certain distance in a limited amount of time. The weather is also not too cooperative for this event. I drove in one of these events with two rear tires that had some bad damage and I was sliding all over the track because of heavy rain and the slickness of the tires. I like how these can challenge driver’s skills, but at the same time, I must not be used to this type of title because some of them were really hard.

Graphically this title is very well made. I have enjoyed just looking at all of the countrysides and the trees and everything else as you drive by. Along with a good sound library, this makes for a pretty solid gaming experience. Everything you want in a racer rolled into one. There isn’t much you can damage in the game besides your car so that is one thing I wish had been made part of the game. If you hit a fence or something it breaks instead of making you bounce off of it.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Epic Games Launcher with a code provided by PR.

Overall, WRC 9 is one of the most realistic racers that I have had the fortune of playing recently. It is full of great graphics and a level of realism I would want for many of my other games. Be careful as you drive down these back roads and paths as you race against the time of other drivers and have fun with it. It is available now for $49.99 USD and is purchasable on every major platform.
  • Great graphics
  • Most realistic rally racer
  • Lots of modes to play with
  • Difficult learning curve
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