15th Anniversary

Guild Wars 15th Anniversary Developer Interview

Stare Into The Scrying Pool – A Guild Wars 15th Anniversary Developer Interview

Happy Birthday, Tyrians! Guild Wars, the progenitor of our attack on the Elder Dragons, is 15 today. The old school adventure has taken legions of us on epic adventures across the Tyrian landscape, wa...

guild wars 15

Guild Wars turns 15 And Gets An Anniversary Update

Guild Wars, the precursor to ArenaNet’s hit MMORPG, just turned 15 years old today and the Seattle developer is celebrating with a new update and more. We all knew this day was coming. At 15 years old...

WoW Classic

WoW Classic launches with memories & queues

Fans of retro gaming and MMORPGs are probably already aware, but in case you live under a gaming rock, you might not know that WoW Classic has officially launched. That’s right: It’s back ...

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