Video Game Hardware: Creating Your 3D World

Gone are the days of simple spot-based games and rows of basic geometric shapes on the screen. Recent advances in software development have helped produce highly complex and perfectly realistic visual...

Terrorarium – Steam Quick-Hit Review

Cute moogu creatures and no less lovely grandma await you in Terrorarium, an action/platformer game from Stitch Media, featuring puzzles, monsters, wanton destruction, and more. We play as a feisty gr...

brave x lord

Brave X Lord Arrives In The West

Brave X Lord has arrived in the US and Canada today, just in time for a new adventure on iOS and Android. For anybody that has just about finished off the latest Final Fantasy VII remake and looking f...

dino squad

Dino Squad Launches Escapes Onto Mobile Today

Dinosaurs and PvP come together in a monstrous clash as Dino Squad launches on mobile today. If you’re looking for something a step away from the cute chibi style and anime art of many mobile fighters...

Effie Review

In an age of gaming that seems hyper-focused on churning out titles that we keep referring to as ‘Soulslike’, it’s nice to sit down and enjoy a game that brings us back to what we liked about video ga...

7 Good

Felix the Reaper Review

The developers over at Kong Orange have successfully danced their way into our hearts with the delightfully romantic and macabre puzzle game Felix the Reaper. If you enjoy grim humor and challenging p...

9 Amazing

Endling – Extinction is Forever Will Come to Consoles

Endling – Extinction is Forever is a sidescrolling 3D survival adventure developed by Herobeat Studios. Originally planned for PC via Steam, the game is now being published by HandyGames, which ...

saint seiya awakening

Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac Opens Pre-Registration

Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac, the forthcoming mobile RPG from Yoozoo games, has just opened pre-registration on Android and iOS devices. As Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac...


RAD – PS4/Xbox One/PC Pre-Orders Now Open!

Bandai Namco Entertainment and Double Fine Productions have released a new trailer for action rogue-like RAD as it opens up PS4, Xbox One, and PC pre-orders. RAD is coming out August 20th on PC, PS4, ...

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