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jay and silent bob mall brawl

Jay And Silent Bob Mall Brawl Snooches Onto PC and Nintendo Switch

Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl is set to crash into life with an 8-bit adventure for the ages on 7 May. Due to arrive on Nintendo Switch and PC next week, this Jay and Silent Bob spin-off is a retro 8-...

Paying Homage to The Blue Bomber with Alphaman – a Review

Spanning thirty-three years, eight unique series, TV shows, and a variety of cross-over appearances, the Mega Man (or Rockman in Japan) games have had varying degrees of influence. With the latest mai...

7 Good

Our Review of Venture Kid for Nintendo Switch

I have a number of unpopular opinions that I hold with varying degrees of conviction. One of those opinions is this: Mega Man 3 is the greatest NES-based Mega Man title in the franchise, period.  Whil...

6 Fair
Pixel Player

It’s Burger Time As The Pixel Player Hits Shops

There’s no doubt that the retro market has had something of a revival of late from the NES Mini to the Quarter Arcades Pacman Cabinet. Now My Arcade is out to spoil us with 300 retro adventures in the...

The Messenger

The Messenger Update Adds Game+ Mode

Ninjas are not to be messed with, especially when they come in the form of Devolver Digital’s very own retro demon slayer. Now The Messenger is adding a whole new technique to its arsenal with a brand...

8-Bit Armies – The Pixels of War Cometh

The refinery is built Commander, and the barracks are now producing troops to fight the Renegades. Please build more power plants, power is low. Our base is under attack, all forces repel the intruder...

8.5 Great

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