Adult Swim

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Coming This Week

Adult Swim and Soleil Ltd. are preparing to thrill a generation of ardent fans with this Friday’s release of Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time. The action platformer is based on the mega-popular...

Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe PS4 Review

In the disparate land of Victusia where magic and mayhem thrive, where battles are well fought in grand arenas, pitting two skilled warriors against each other; the victor that shall reign supreme sha...

8.4 Great

Cue fun in our Pool Panic Review

Summer is here, the sun is busy toasting those of us that have to venture outdoors, and it might be the perfect time for a bit of a pool party. Fortunately for those of us that don’t do the deep blue,...

7.8 Good

Adult Swim Games Teases 101 Things to Do with a Cue Ball in Pool Panic

Adult Swim Games and indie developer Rekim have unveiled a trailer for their pool-themed fever dream Pool Panic, calling it “the world’s least realistic pool simulator.”  Don’t believe us? Stare into ...

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