AOC Accelerate Your Gaming With 240Hz AGON PRO AG274QZM Display

AGON, the top tier line up from monitor manufacturer AOC just shifted gear with a ridiculously fast new 240Hz gaming monitor, the AGON PRO AG274QZM. While AOC can offer speedy desktop displays for a v...


Steer towards high performance gaming with the Porsche Design AOC AGON PRO PD32M

AGON by AOC is taking monitor design into a different gear again with the announcement of a new 32-inch Porsche-inspired gaming monitor. As gaming crossovers go, Porsche isn’t the most obvious name bu...

Porsche Design AGON PD27 Review

Porsche Design AGON PD27 Review

A byword for style, the Porsche brand is a genuine icon of its time. When AOC dropped the Porsche Design PD27 on our doorstep, Gamespace couldn’t wait to find out if this unexpected crossover packs pe...

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Three New Agon Pro Monitors Are Coming For Your Desktop

Three New Agon Pro Monitors Are Coming For Your Desktop

Agon, the gaming spin off from monitor manufacture AOC, just revealed three new Agon Pro monitors for your desktop viewing pleasure. Since Agon spun up a gaming orientated lineup of hardware from AOC ...

AOC GK500 Gaming Keyboard Review - picture of keyboard

AOC GK500 Gaming Keyboard Review

Back in May 2021, AOC announced an intention to get into the PC peripheral market, launching a range of budget and high-end gaming peripherals to take on all comers. The GK500 is, like the GM500 we re...

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AOC AGON Just Unveiled Two 49 Inch Monitors

AOC AGON Just Unveiled Two 49 Inch Monitors. Time To Get A Bigger Desk!

AOC AGON, the newly minted gaming brand from AOC, has added two gargantuan 49 inch gaming displays to the new brand. Launched at the start of the week, the new AGON range of gaming devices seems to be...

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What Is AOC Up To With Its New AGON Brand?

AOC, has just announced the creation of a new Agon brand. Seemingly set to bring all AOC’s gaming hardware under one lineup, the AGON brand announcement is designed to consolidate AOC’s existing gamin...

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