Face The Hidden Deep On Steam Early Access Today - picture of underwater facility

Face The Hidden Deep On Steam Early Access Today

The Hidden Deep plunges into Steam Early Access today where a cave of sub-sea terrors await. 80’s inspired horror comes claustrophobically close today as Daedalic Entertainment the publisher behind LO...

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Review

Aliens have been a franchise that had me scared as a child, as an adult, I guess you could say a fan. What made the movies great was the jump scares coupled with the emotional atmosphere. These elemen...

7 Good
Earth Defense Force

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Out Now on PlayStation 4

Publisher D3 has announced its latest entry into the Earth Defense Force series. Iron Rain, released exclusively on PlayStation 4, offers players the opportunity to dive back into the beloved series. ...


Steam High Five: March 22, 2019 Edition

Whether it be in fantastical medieval worlds or defending this world from a vengeful Roman God and his army of aliens, adventure is calling. Maybe it calls you to the desert for both guerilla tactic f...

Earth Defense Force 5 Review

You know, if you wanted to take over the Earth, all you would really have to do is find a way to weaponize insects and use them to irradicate the existing social constructs that are currently befoulin...

4 Poor

Kenshi Review: Of Swords, Scavenging, and Strife

I know what you’re thinking. Society is overrated. You can’t stand it, but it inevitably insinuates its vile influences into your otherwise perfect life and you know it would be so much be...

6.1 Fair

STEAM HIGH FIVE: After Dinner Escapades

Sure, dinner was great. Good food, good company, time off work… or not. Here’s hoping you found time to share with your loved ones and created moments with them. But hold on tight, the hol...

Hypergun Review – Circle Strafers Please Apply

It isn’t exactly abnormal for the stars of a first-person shooter to be the weapons themselves.  In HYPERGUN by NVYVE Studios, it is clear from the jump that their main character, the Hypergun, more t...

8 Great

Earthfall – Alien Invasion Swarms PC and Console This Spring

An alien invasion looms on the horizon. Puget Sound studio Holospark has announced Earthfall, it’s team based tactical first-person shooter, releasing this spring on PC, Playstation, and Xbox On...

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