Atlas Rogues

Atlas Rogues

Two New Freelancers Arrive in Atlas Rogues

gamigo has announced that Atlas Rogues has received a new update that includes a pair of new Freelancers to add a new dimension to the game. The update also includes a number of bug fixes and enhancem...

Atlas Rogues

Atlas Rogues Gets new Freelancers Next Week

Get ready to take a new turn in Atlas Rogues. Gamigo has just confirmed that their new tactical adventure is getting new Freelancers next week. Gamigo has just confirmed that its brand new Atlas spin ...

Atlas Rogues

Atlas Rogues Update Provides Fixes & Improvements

gamigo has announced that a new update has been deployed to Atlas Rogues. According to the company, the patch addresses a number of bugs and applies fixes and improvements to the overall game. In addi...

Atlas Rogues New Characters

Atlas Rogues Gets Two New Characters – Meet Nix and Aurora

Atlas Rogues, the new tactical twist on the Atlas universe gets a little bigger today as two new characters step into the arena and shake up combat. Available today, Nix and Aurora are the two latest ...

Atlas Rogues

Atlas Rogues Early Access Impressions

Remember the player-versus-player (PvP) turn-based game released by Trion Worlds back in October of 2016 called Atlas Reactor? Players controlled a team of four NPC freelancers. To win a match a playe...

Atlas Rogues

Atlas Rogues Hits Early Access on November 18th

gamigo has announced that Atlas Rogues, an offshoot of the Atlas Reactor universe, will be entering its early access phase of development on Wednesday, November 18th. The early access client will be a...

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