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Atom RPG Switch Review

Playing some Fallout 76 months ago I started to yearn to be able to play the original Fallout on a modern system. The Fallout series is a group of post-apocalyptic RPGs. I had started Fallout 1 when i...

7 Good
ATOM RPG Trudograd Now Available in Early Access

ATOM RPG Is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Post-apocalyptic role-playing game ATOM RPG is now available on Android and iOS devices, but it doesn’t stop the developers from AtomTeam from reaching a new audience for the game! The team has ...

ATOM RPG Review – The Motherland is waiting for you Comrade

In June of 2017, a passionate team of indie game devs successfully Kickstarted Atom RPG. An old school game with its roots set firmly in the post-apocalyptic genre that established with Wasteland, Fal...

8 Great

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