Baby Yoda

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons DLC Includes Baby Yoda

…but not the Baby Yoda Star Wars: Squadrons players might hope for. According to EA, the Mandalorian Supply Drop DLC will be coming to the game on October 28th and will allow players to earn sev...

Star Wars

More Star Wars Shows Coming to the TV Screens and That’s Great

The Star Wars movies have spawned their cult following. George Lucas has been quite adept at developing great franchises. But, the movies on their own, weren’t satisfactory enough. Over the year...

Baby Yoda Merchandise Arrives In Time For Christmas!

Have you been checking in every day for The Mandolorian and Baby Yoda merchandise? I have! Almost opting in on a pop socket with his adorable face on it because it’s all I could find I decided t...

Baby Yoda

Are You Immune To The Baby Yoda Phenomena?

Here at Gamespace we love EVERYTHING game and space iconic so we are not immune to the BABY YODA craze sweeping the internet! Making his first appearance in The Disney + television series The Mandolor...

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