Bithell Games

Playing with Clandestine Cards in The Solitaire Conspiracy

What do you get when you add espionage and intrigue to the ubiquitous game found in nursing homes and every Windows decide known to mankind, then drop it into a carefully crafted, existing science fic...

9 Amazing

Subsurface Circular Creator Releases New Audio Drama, North Star Rising

Over the past few year, Mike Bithell has written and released some incredibly thought provoking video games that I have had the privilege of reviewing here at GameSpace, not to mention bringing John W...

Stare Down the End of the World in Quarantine Circular

Less than six months ago, I reviewed Subsurface Circular for GameSpace. It moved me, provoking thoughts about the value of life, where and when it begins, and what it means to be human. To my surprise...

9 Amazing

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