Black Desert

black desert tier 6 pet

Black Desert Mobile Gets Tier 6 Pets In Latest Update

Black Desert Mobile, the on the go MMORPG from Pearl Abyss, kicked off the new year with an update that should find the pitter-patter of little paws with tier 6 pets now in game. Just announced, and a...

black desert nova

Black Desert Reveals The Nova Class

Pearl Abyss has unveiled the Nova, a brand new class for its MMORPG Black Desert. Coming to consoles, mobile and PC soon this fresh new combat character class was announced over the weekend at the Pea...

shadow arena battle pass

Shadow Arena Unveils Battle Pass

The Battle Pass, a staple of online free to play gaming, is now live in arena brawler Shadow Arena. While competitors in Shadow Arena are just getting used to the relatively new arena battler, this ne...

black desert hashashin

Console Owners Can Play Black Desert’s Hashashin Now

Gamers getting to grips with Black Desert on console are about to get something of an exclusive today as the Hashashin, yes that’s right, creeps into Black Desert Online. Despite the slightly cringe-w...

Black Desert

Hashashin Class Coming to Black Desert in July

Black Desert players on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be excited to hear that the Hashashin class is coming their way on July 22nd. To celebrate the announcement, developers released a trailer ...

shadow arena early access

Shadow Arena Enters Early Access Today

Pearl Abyss has announced that it’s new arena battler, Shadow Aena, is now available in Steam Early Acces. We’ve been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to grab a sword, shield, or whatever we can scaven...

Black Desert

Black Desert Console Players Fight An Ancient Dragon

Black Desert for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players have a new challenge ahead of them thanks to the arrival of an ancient enemy, “the Crimson Dragon, Garamoth”.  The dragon has arrived in...

Wage War as a Cute Otter in Black Desert

Wage War as a Cute Otter in Black Desert Online reports that Korean Test Servers of MMORPG Black Desert are testing new content that allows players to turn into otters and wage wars on each other. There are not many details currently. It is...

Shadow Arena

Shadow Arena Developer’s Note Promises More Gameplay Elements in the Next Beta

The developers from Pearl Abyss have just finished the first round of the closed beta for the Battle Royale Shadow Arena, previously a PvP element of the company’s MMORPG Black Desert. The team ...

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