Blade & Soul Revolution

blade & soul Revolution launches out out now picture of summoner class

Blade & Soul Revolution Out Now On Mobile

Blade & Soul Revolution, the newest incarnation of NCSoft’s martial arts MMO, is set to land on iOS and Android mobiles today. Blade & Soul Revolution, the mobile port of NCSoft’s action comba...

Blade & Soul Revolution Release Date artwork picture

Blade & Soul Revolution Release Date Brings Kung Fu To Mobiles This March

Blade & Soul Revolution, the small screen port of Blade & Soul, has a release date and is due to leap into action on 4 march. Due to Windwalk its way onto iOS and Android in just under 6 weeks...

blade & soul preview

Blade & Soul Revolution Preview

Blade & Soul, the martial arts MMORPG from NCSoft, is coming to the small screen with the imminent launch of Blade & Soul Revolution. Here’s what happened when we got back to chasing down Jins...

blade & Soul Revolution developer Q & A

We Talk Blade & Soul Revolution With Developer Netmarble

Blade & Soul Revolution Developer Q&A Hyun Jin Jang_Blade & Soul Revolution Dev. Lead   Last month Netmarble and NCSoft set their sights on the global gaming market once again, announ...

blade & Soul pre-registration

Blade & Soul Revolution Opens Pre-Registration on iOS and Android

Blade & Soul Revolution, the upcoming mobile MMORPG spin-off, just opened pre-registration ahead of a global launch. Due to land on iOS and Android devices sometime this year, Blade & Soul Rev...

Blade & Soul Revolution

Blade & Soul Revolution Coming in 2021

Netmarble has announced that Blade & Soul Revolution is coming to mobile devices in 2021. To celebrate the announcement of the open-world RPG, developers released a trailer that examines the story...

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