HotS - Plans for Future: Resistance Skins, Spring Event, New Hero & More!

Heroes of the Storm – Join the Resistance

The latest Resistance update to Heroes of the Storm has introduced a variety of new skins, mounts, sprays and more. Scroll down below see the Hero changes that the patch brings with it! Patch Notes: h...

HotS - Plans for Future: Resistance Skins, Spring Event, New Hero & More!

HotS – Plans for Future: Resistance Skins, Spring Event, New Hero & More!

Kaéo Milker, Heroes of the Storm Production Director, has taken to the official forums to share the dev team’s plans for future of the game, including the release of Resistance skins patch, feat...

HotS - Anduin Hero Rumor & Resistance Themed Skins

HotS – Anduin Hero Rumor & Resistance Themed Skins

The Heroes of the Storm team has published the latest round of patch notes on the community site. In addition to the usual fixes and enhancements, the notes mention new Resistance skins coming into th...

Overwatch - Paris Map Piano Meets MIDI Keyboard

Overwatch Piano Meets MIDI Keyboard

The most recent Overwatch map features a playable piano. Fans all over the world have taken their guns to the instrument: some were looking for a secret, like Wrecking Ball singing Overwatch theme, wh...


Is DeepMind AI going to Beat Starcraft 2?

We’ve seen enough post-apocalypse features to know how things go. Give the AI access to Global Thermal Nuclear War and bad things happen. Thankfully, as Blizzard and AI pioneers Deepmind announce an u...

Overwatch Short Story Bastet Ana

Overwatch – Bastet: Ana Short Story & Challenge

In an unexpected move, the Overwatch team has presented the first short story titled Bastet, dedicated to our battle grandma Ana and her old comrades Jack “Soldier 76” Morrison and Gabriel...


Imperius Joins the Roster of Heroes of the Storm

Update: Blizzard has added the Imperius Spotlight video that you can watch above. Imperius, the Archangel of Valor and the de facto ruler of the Angiris Council, has followed his arch-nemesis Diablo r...

Elder Scrolls Cookbook

The Elder Scrolls Cookbook Is Now Available for Pre-Order

If you are The Elder Scrolls fan and have always wondered what the dishes in the games taste like, wait no more! The official Elder Scrolls cookbook is coming in March 2019, and the Amazon pre-orders ...

Behind the Scenes Cookiewatch Overwatch

Overwatch – Behind the Scenes of Cookiewatch

Recently, the developers of team shooter Overwatch have released a short stop-motion animation titled Cookiewatch, telling a story of naughty Reaper and dutiful Tracer squabbling over a tray of cookie...

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